Should we expect MIUI 9.0 soon!?


We have already mention that MIUI 8.2 is released with many vital changes for the Xiaomi mobiles. Last week came out and MIUI 8.2 based on Nougat for 4 mobiles, the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro, Xiaomi MI4C, Xiaomi MI4S and Xiaomi MI MAX. Unfortunately, because of various bugs and mainly with the camera, this version was withdrawn. Of course, still if you want it, at the Greek Xiaomi-Miui forum the problems where solved, at a big percentage, like the camera that didn’t start, and you can install it without any problem, as I have done for my Mi Note Pro.

So now is time to see and the MIUI 9.0 that has been announced some time now. From what I know, the Mi6 is tested right now the MIUI 9.0. There is also a question for the Redmi Note 4X that has very recently launched and don’t forget and the new mobile, the MAE136 or Redmi 5 as we think it is, with what MIUI will come!?

Xiaomi official answers to these kind of questions saying that both models that are to come, will come with a stable version of MIUI 8.2 to the public. Yes they are testing MIUI 9 on MI6, but the models that will be released will have the latest MIUI 8.2.

Perhaps in the beginning to appear Xiaomi Mi6 with MIUI 8.2 and after a little while to get an update of MIUI 9.0 based on Nougat. On the other hand, Xiaomi Redmi 4X and Redmi 5 probable will be on the MIUI 8.2 for some time, till there is an update for all Xiaomi models. The latter has been confirmed by the channel as well – the MIUI8.2 OTA update for the Redmi Note 4X is coming as soon as at the end of February.

Now about the MIUI 9.0, MIUI official channel didn’t want to make any clear statement about the releasing date. The good thing is that due to an uprising, MIUI channel officially still didn’t announced an exact date, but all it said that we should wait for it before summer.

So how can we interpreter this!? It is well known from many years back, that all major updates where released on August 16 (MIUI birthday). But this tradition for some unknown reason, was broken last year when the MIUI8 was released on May 10. So many Mi fans thought that this could be the start of a new tradition or something like that. From what it seems, the release of MIUI 8 at that date was an exception and we should wait for it to repeat and with MIUI 9.0. So let us be patient till the end of the summer, when probably will see officially MIUI 9.0

So what are your thoughts about it? Are you expecting with bigger anxiety the MIUI 9.0 or the MIUI 8.2 based on Nougat? Write us down your thoughts.


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