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Recently, Xiaomi launched a new vacuum cleaner product, called Shundao Z15 Pro Vacuum Cleaner. The device not only possesses the ability to vacuum with high capacity but can also be used to clean the floor with its large 240mL water tank design. The machine is equipped with a new Super Efficient brushless motor that delivers high performance and optimal energy savings. Besides, the product also comes with many multi-purpose nozzles that support cleaning all different surfaces, including hard-to-reach places.

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In particular, the suction and cleaning brush department of the Shundao Z15 Pro is also equipped with an intelligent light sensor system. Specifically, when the vacuum cleaner goes to the foot of the bed, under the table, or other dimly lit locations, it will automatically turn on the LED light for users to easily clean the hidden corners of the house. The product has a built-in LCD liquid crystal display, which fully supports the display of specific parameters to help you clearly see the remaining battery capacity, rotation speed, suction, and mopping modes, and grasp the status. operate the vacuum cleaner whenever you want. The Shunzao Z15 Pro handheld vacuum cleaner is integrated with an upgraded anti-roll floor brush 2 times to help reduce the overall weight, and provide a compact and sturdy appearance, thereby thoroughly solving the problem of entanglement in the area. broom head.


The Shundao Z15 Pro uses a utility model patented wind vane with a maximum rotation speed of up to 150,000 rpm, “equal” to the speed of a motorcycle. In addition, the innovative two-stage multi-cone layout design further improves the dust and gas separation efficiency, avoids loss, and fully meets EU standards. Shunzao Z15 Pro has an automatic transmission mode that can detect current changes to accurately determine the substrate material, thereby flexibly adjusting cleaning power.

Specifically, for hard floors, the device will use a lower speed to effectively suck and remove dirt; On the contrary, if the place to be cleaned is the carpet, the speed of the machine will be increased to suck and remove dirt that is deeply embedded in each fabric. The Shundao Z15 Pro vacuum cleaner and mop uses a 5- fold filter system, which can effectively filter 99.97% of small fine dust with a size of only 0.3um, bringing a fresh and clean atmosphere to the house. . Besides, equipped with many different suction heads, the product can also be used to remove and kill up to 99.9% of dust mites and mites deep inside the fabric.

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