Sirin FINNEY Phone Officially Launches For $999 With Snapdragon 845 and Safety-Oriented


The company’s Sirin Labs today announced the launch of FINNEY, a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone that comes at a price of $999 (approximately 6,396 yuan). and integrates a dedicated operating system that will offer a high level of security For trading in virtual currencies.

The FINNEY offers different technical specifications than the one promised by the company last year, in some cases, this is a change for the better and some of the specifications are lower than expected. At the front of the device is a 6 “screen in 18: 9 format and Full HD + 1080 x 2160 pixels resolution, above which is an 8MP SLF camera with aperture f / 2.2 and a wide 85 ° angle.

The screen comes in a slider configuration and serves as a bridge connecting users to the world of Crypto. The screen is based on dedicated hardware and software, which the user can activate using a dedicated operation button. In addition, the screen allows the user to independently verify that the amount of virtual currency transfer in the wallet is accurate, that it is the correct currency and that the transfer is being made to the correct address. The user can verify the transfer to ensure that it is not under attack by malicious software or a hacker trying to steal the coins and transfer them to third parties.

The device will launch the Snapdragon 845 chipset with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of expandable storage space. The company will place a 3,280mAh battery, which Sirin Labs will charge 50% of the capacity in half an hour with a two-hour fast charge, . On the back of the device is a 12MP camera with a f / 1.8 aperture key.

The operating system that comes in a structured way with FINNEY is Android 8.1, a combination of Sirin OS, a dedicated system that will provide users with a secure platform for trading virtual currencies on the device. The smartphone also has an “Embedded Cold Storage Wallet” that will be used to store encrypted private keys for the user’s cryptographies and will work separately from the Internet and operating system of the phone to provide a high level of security. For money transfers and making payments from the wallet, you can switch to “hot” mode and perform these transactions securely as well.

In addition, the phone enables communication encryption in the transmission of emails, text messages and VoIP calls, an application recognition and recognition mechanism, and a fingerprint sensor. In addition to this, the company also integrates a dedicated application store called dCENTER, which offers distributed applications and a learning center on selected blockbuster projects from around the world.

The TCS – Token Conversion Service allows users to trade in supported cryptographic currencies and tokens without the need for an exchange service. The conversion service generates a quick and simple crypto payment experience based on the most competitive conversion rates at a given moment:

  • The Atrium-Bitcoin system determines how quickly to perform the transaction.
  • The TCS will support the cryptographic conversions of 20 EK Toccas.
  • Sirin OS’s algorithm calculates the optimal network rate in order to offer the best speed at the lowest rate.

In addition, Sirin Labs would intend to develop a PC computer using blockchain technology. Last month, Taiwan’s heavyweight HTC launched pre-orders for its Exodus 1 blockchain.

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