Siroflo S1 Smart Wristband with Heart Rate Reminder in Just $27.50 @Gearbest Discount Deal


It’s a keen that Siroflo S1 Smart wristband that looks simply like a games observe however is far ground-breaking, regardless of whether you’re an accomplished competitor or an outright wellness fledgling, you’ll find what you require with it. What’s more, because of its super-long backup time ( 90mAh ), our siroflo shrewd wristband can offer you up to 15-days reserve: 30 percent longer than other normal wristbands in the market – they eat batteries like a child eats confections, sirofilo S1 doesn’t.

Disregard unremarkable and tedious high contrast screen, S1 receives 0.96-inch IPS shading screen innovation, with three sorts of time show screen ( flat advanced style, vertical computerized style and dial style ), which can in any case be unmistakably observed under solid light. The internal surface of the watch band has been treated with surface, which can adequately keep the uneasiness caused by sports perspiring. you can enjoy Up to 20 sets of wake up timer to help you to remember each vital minute: rest, meeting, travel, work out, contemplate, angling, birthday, installment, shopping, commemoration, and so on.

Furthermore, a mindful female physiological period update intended for ladies, causes them to all the more likely comprehend their separation from the menstrual period, security period, ovulation period, pregnancy arrangement and pregnancy time. The Warning push work: enables you to be in contact and never miss what is important – bolsters Wechat, QQ, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Line, LinkedIn, Instagram, Skype, Snapchat and call prompts. It has the Hostile to misfortune update work: when the wrist trinket is 10 meters from the cell phone, the wrist trinket will vibrate naturally to remind you, which can successfully stay away from your propensity for neglecting to take the cell phone while going out or getting off the auto. you can easily Photograph work encourages you snap better selfie: after your telephone is associated with the armlet by means of Bluetooth, you can take photographs by contacting the “contact key”, or shaking your wrist.

Siroflo S1 Smart wristband can influence your own wellbeing to design in APP – “H Band” to track your exercises each day, including mileage and step counter, calories consumed, record pulse changes and circulatory strain changes when work out. you can easily buy this from Gearbest with $27.50


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