Six JIMMY Vacuum Cleaners On Sale That You Cannot Miss


If you are looking for a new broom or robot-type vacuum cleaner, keep reading because today we show you a selection of these products that you cannot miss Thanks to the Geekbuying promotion where you can get JIMMY vacuum cleaners on sale, at a much more advantageous price than you will find them regularly. Do you want to know more? If yes, so come with us to know all the details.

How to get JIMMY vacuums on sale

Welcome to the JIMMY Brand Festival, a unique occasion to get outrageous prices on many of the brand’s models. And not only vacuum cleaners, it also includes other products, such as hair dryers. You can see them all by clicking on the offers box that we leave you below.

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Also, to get an extra discount, don’t forget to write these codes; JIMMY05 for $5 off for orders over $100, while JIMMY15 will give you $15 off for orders over $200.

 JIMMY vacuum cleaners on sale


The JIMMY JV85 PRO vacuum cleaner has 200 AW suction power and a 550W brushless digital motor, which minimizes noise and improves vacuum power.

It offers an autonomy time of up to 70 minutes (variable depending on the mode we choose) and allows us to clean multiple surfaces: floors, carpets … The tank capacity is 0.6 liters and it has an LED screen so that we always have the information in view we need to know about our vacuum cleaner.


Sale price: 242.99 euros / Coupon: SMHJV85K10 / Warehouse: Spain / Additional gift: Tronsmart Spunky Beat


Another model of the house, somewhat cheaper, is the JIMMY H8 Pro. It has very similar characteristics to the previous one: LED screen, the autonomy of up to 70 minutes, the possibility of using it on multiple surfaces.

The differences are very subtle: the tank has 0.5 liters of capacity, its brushless motor has a power of 500W and its suction power is 160 AW. Enough? Definitely.

Get JIMMY H8 Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Sale price: 215.23 euros / Coupon: JIMMYH8PR / Warehouse: Spain / Additional gift: Tronsmart Battle


The top of the range JIMMY vacuum cleaners that we are going to mention in this review of Geekbuying offers is the JIMMY H9 Pro.

This model also has a display, the possibility of using it on many surfaces, and an autonomy of up to 80 minutes. The suction power also scales up to 200 AW, while its brushless motor stands out thanks to its 600 W of power.

Place Your Oder of JIMMY H9 PRO

Sale price: 353.99 euros / Coupon: JMH9PRO / Warehouse: Spain  / Additional gift: Tronsmart Apollo Air


We are now going with a different concept within these JIMMY vacuums on sale. The JIMMY HW8 PRO vacuums and scrubs at the same time, a very interesting novelty that will help you keep your home clean in the simplest and most efficient way possible, and also save you time.

This model has a suction power of 15,000 Pa, a battery with an autonomy of 35 minutes, and a brushless digital motor. As you can see, the technical specifications are reduced a bit compared to the models that are only vacuum cleaners, but instead, it incorporates a water tank, with intelligence to separate clean water from dirty water. Scrubbing has never been easier.

View Offer of JIMMY HW8 Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Sale price: 274.01 euros / Coupon: HW8PRO / Warehouse: Europe


And for the more modest pockets, we have two other JIMMY vacuum cleaners. We started with the JIMMY JV83. It has a 60-minute autonomy, a suction power of 135 AW, and a brushless digital motor capable of rotating at 100,000 RPM.

Thanks to the included accessories, we can use it on many surfaces, even turn it into a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean the sofa, the car and etc.

Order Now JIMMY JV83 Vacuum Cleaner

Sale price: 146.94 euros / Coupon: JIMMYJV83 / Warehouse: Spain


We finish this selection of JIMMY vacuum cleaners on sale with the JIMMY JV65 Plus, a cordless vacuum cleaner that is responsible for cleaning your home in a very efficient way so that it takes little time (very little!) To vacuum your entire house.

Buy this jimmy vacuum cleaner

It has a suction power of 145 AW, a 500W brushless digital motor, an autonomy of 70 minutes, and its multi-surface character, like the previous ones.

Sale price: 168.55 euros / Coupon: JIMMY15 / Warehouse: Germany

Which one of these JIMMY vacuums on sale do I pick?

If you are looking for a vacuum + mop, there is no room for debate: the JIMMY HW8 Pro is for you. But if you are only looking for a vacuum cleaner, we would recommend that you filter by price. If your pocket can not reach a higher range, with the JIMMY JV65 PLUS or the JIMMY JV83 you will have a good vacuum cleaner at a reasonable price.

If the price is no problem for you, we definitely recommend the JIMMY H9 PRO. And finally, between the JIMMY JV85 PRO and the JIMMY H8 PRO, the differences are so subtle that our advice is to choose the one that is best priced according to current offers at the time you are going to buy it.


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