SJCAM C100+ Mini Review – 2K 30fps Action Camera at $61.99 From TOMTOP


The C100+ Mini is an exciting new Action Camera from SJCAM featuring a miniature form-factor that takes all your adventures and transforms them into action-sequence masterpieces. Unleash your creativity through this budget-friendly camera as it fits right into every angle you can think of. This SJCAM C100+ Mini Action Camera can be shot in the water with a waterproof case, especially for users who love swimming. surfing and other water activities.


The SJCAM C100+ Mini Action Camera is very small and light, so it can be comfortably worn around the neck, it can be a replacement camera for a drone, it is perfect for bicycle rides or a regular trip. Forget the hassle of mounting the camera. The SJCAM C100 camera is equipped with a strong magnet that allows you to attach it to metal objects, such as a buckle or a metal button in clothes. The SJCAM C100+ Mini Action Camera has a thumb-size, highly lightweight design and can be comfortably worn around your neck with the included neck strap to let you capture hands-free video. It also has a magnetic backside and can be attached to poles and various other metal objects.

Also, multiple dedicated mounting accessories are provided; including a clip for attaching the camera to your pocket, backpack strap, or something similar; and curved and flat adhesive mounts that can be secured to various flat and curved surfaces, such as helmets. The camera installs into the included frame mount and the frame attaches to the adhesive mounts. Additionally, a waterproof case is included and can be attached to numerous optional action cam mounts to let you capture underwater images down to depths of 98′.

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SJCAM C100+ Mini Action Camera featuring 2K/30fps HD image quality; H.265 compression format, and low power consumption, the camera is also suitable for network teaching; live broadcast, video chat, video conference, etc. Supports wireless WiFi connection, and through SJCAM smart APP; you can edit video and photo, use filter options, add music, etc; and you can also share and publish photos and videos to a variety of social platforms. The camera allows you to change the recording format at any time; Portrait or Landscape mode, all you need to do is turn the camera. The SJCAM C100 is perfect for platforms such as Instagram or TikTok. A dedicated application allows you to connect to the camera via Wi-Fi (the application is required to operate the webcam). Operate the camera remotely without touching it. In addition, the recorded material can be easily processed and sent immediately after recording.


The SJCAM C100+ Mini Action Camera is perfect for sharing your moments on TikTok and Instagram, all thanks to its absolute ease of operation, instant recording, unobtrusive design, and the utmost convenience in usage. We can buy it from TOMTOP at $61.99 with Free Shipping.


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