SJCAM SJ360+ HD 1080P Smart looking and Standard Features VR Panoramic Camera Review By @GEARBEST


The SJCAM SJ360+ VR Panoramic Camera improves on the SJ360 by adding an additional lens. This allows for true 360-degree filming. SJCAM SJ360+ VR Panoramic Camera has a new App called the SJCAM Pano app for Android and iOS.In plain words, with this camera, you can’t see the front and back at the same time but only the front through a porthole ‘ I’ll show you what I mean during this review.

The design of the SJCAM SJ360+ VR Panoramic Camera is completely different from their other cameras. First of all, it’s rectangular. Second, you’ll find only two buttons, POWER, and MODE. Honestly, it has designed very nice but absolutely NOT practical.On the other side of the camera, it has the connections door, where the removable battery, HDMI, USB and MicroSD card are placed.

The menu can be opened by pressing the MODE button. As always the first choices is the Mode menu, what it the ‘fast menu’: Video Mode, Photo Mode, Video Lapse, Car Mode, Photo Burst, Photo Lapse, Settings.

As they usually do, SJCam did a good job with the SJCAM SJ360+ VR Panoramic Camera video quality.this is a particular type of camera with a particular view.when it has good quality it’s because in general 360′ cameras have poor quality videos. It doesn’t mean it’s better than a ‘normal’ action camera.With this clarification I can that the SJCAM SJ360+ VR Panoramic Camera does make good quality videos.It can shoot sharp videos thanks to the high native resolution, i.e., 2K (2048’2048). Yes, it has a good quality but doesn’t forget that these kinds of videos are made through a ‘porthole’.

SJCam makes one of the best apps and WiFi hardware among action cameras. I can only say that the cam SJ360+ VR Panoramic Camera is perfectly stable and the app works as well as other SJCams.

The SJCAM SJ360+ VR Panoramic Camera has a lot of high points.SJCAM SJ360+ VR Panoramic Camera has 1700mAh Battery give you above than 130min Playing time.

Package Contents: 1 x Chinese / English Instruction, 1 x Tripod, 1 x Cloth Bag, 1 x Cable, 1 x VR Panoramic Camera.

SJCAM SJ360+ VR Panoramic Camera has unexpectedly good video quality and great battery life but all the other things are not can grab your SJCAM SJ360+ VR Panoramic Camera at GEARBEST in just $129.63 using coupon code GBCE.if you are looking smart and standard budget camera I highly recommend of this.


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