SJcam SJ5000X Action Camera with Many Colors in Flash Sale with Coupon


When looking at the budget action camera market there are few brands that stand out from the crowd. SJCAM is one of them. The company has built up a reputation for delivering quality action cameras at attractive price points and most importantly it can hold their own when pitted against premium rivals It is no wonder that so many folks recommend them. SJCAM SJ5000x is among the most popular options in this segment, featuring impressive specs just above the $100 mark. On paper,it seems to have everything that you could want and more,but just how good is it really?


The SJ5000X Elite is put simple,a joy to use.Using the display on the back and the five physical buttons you can control every single feature that the camera offers without having to pair it to a smartphone or tablet.
There is a reason why GoPro’s new Hero5 Black now has one too it just works.First let’s talk about the buttons. You have one on the front which lets you power the SJ5000x Elite on and off, and cycle between modes.
The one on top serves as a shutter and confirmation button for instance,you press it once to start a video and press it again to stop recording,and use it to change settings in the menu. On the right side,the three buttons let you turn Wi-Fi on and off and cycle through the settings menu.Once you are in the video or photo mode, you can see how many hours of footage or snaps you can take,the battery status,the date and time,shooting setting(video or photo quality),and the field of view. Switch to the menu and you can access features like video and photo lapse,burst mode,slow-motion,long exposure,car mode,motion detection,and more.


There are some really nice touches,like an option to start recording after powering the camera on.That is just what I need,as I mainly use an action camera for recording the traffic. But there are also some strange things for instance,while the app lets you change the Wi-Fi network’s name,the setting does not stick and the license plate name is also seemingly impossible to change. But,overall,I have to commend SJCAM for a job well done.There are three bit rate options to choose from,and I opted for the highest to get the best video quality possible.
That means a bit rate of 30Mbps,which on a 64GB microSD card gives you just over seven hours of recording. Straight out of the camera,the videos look really good with these settings. And,to my surprise,the audio is extremely clear.This is a weak spot for action cameras as the sound has to go through a waterproof case, but SJCAM has,somehow,managed to get around this. Mind you,the case has its standard cover in place,which is not designed to let sound through.Very impressive,indeed.


The SJ5000x Elite is among the best budget action cameras that you can get today.Certainly,it is the best one that I have tested so far.There is lots to like about it,including the price. BANGGOOD,which has provided his unit for review, currently sells it for $118.44 using coupon code: DONCU7, The SJ5000x Elite is nicely thought out, from the outside in.The hardware is very well made,there are lots of accessories included,the software is easy to use,and the video quality is impressive. If you are looking for an awesome action camera that does not break the bank,the SJ5000x Elite is highly recommended.


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