SJCAM SJ7 STAR – A 4K Sports Camera with WiFi (Coupon included)


4K action cameras have become lately very popular. New models come out almost every day! Cameras like the new GoPro Hero 5 Black that was just released, the Xiaomi Yi 4k that already has sold a lot in just 2 months, Sony already had is X1000 and is now releasing the X3000 with optical stabilizer, Eken H8 Pro was just announced, Andoer C5 was just released and now SJCam is entering the 4K market with the new SJ7 Star. SJCAM SJ7 STAR is SJCAM’s first native 4K action camera.


SJ7 Star can record native 4K@30fps videos – don’t forget that SJ5000X and M20 could record interpolated 4K videos from 2880×2160 resolution to 3840×2160 –, is equipped with a 12MP Sony IMX117 sensor, the same that GoPro uses in the Hero 4 black, and with an Ambarella A12 chip.

SJ7 Star tries to present itself as a premium action cam, so it has a cool and elegant design with a full metal body. A 2″ display is present, as in all SJcams showing that in this cam it is also touchscreen, a new feature for SJcam, very useful to change options and navigate in the menu. Something also new is the use of the SJ7 with an external microphone.

Image Sensor:

SJCAM SJ7 Star features a 12MP Sony with sensor IMX117. This is the same sensor used by GoPro in the Hero 4 Black, so we are speaking for a quality sensor without any doubt. IMX117 sensor is also present in the Andoer C5 , another 4K action camera.



SJ7 Star is equipped with the Ambarella A12 chipset, the same that EKEN H8 Pro & Andoer C5 uses. It supports native 4K and electronic stabilization.



166° Wide-angle Lens, f=3mm, F/2.5 aperture.



SJCAM SJ7 Star is equipped with a 2″ touchscreen LCD display with a resolution of 240 x 320pixels. The touchscreen can be very useful since we can navigate the menu and change options from it. The screen can be also used to watch what you are recording and to playback your videos or photos. 2″ is more than enough as display to clearly see what you are recording or playback it, even under direct sunlight.

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Frame Rates:

4K (3840 x 2160) – 30 fps
2K (2560 x 1440) – 60 fps
1080p (1920 x 1080) – 120 / 60 / 30 fps
720p (1280 x 720) – 200 /120 / 60 / 30 fps

Recording Format:

.mp4 or MOV with h.264 codec

Image Stabilization:

SJ7 Star is featuring EIS (Electronic Image Stabilizer) which gives the ability of shooting smooth videos without vibrations or been shaky. It uses a Gyro sensor combined with a Acceleration sensor to perceive and stabilize vibrations and shaking during a motion.


Photo Resolutions:

The sensor is a 12MP but through interpolation, the camera can shoot images at 16 or 14MP. If you want to keep a high quality at your images, better keep to the original size, 12MP.

Connectivity & Ports:

SJ7 Star with the built-in wifi you can connect the camera to the phone using the app SJCam Zone (iOS / Android). SJ7 Star has a microHDMI port for HD video output, and a mini USB port. It is also possible to use an external microphone plugging it to the USB port.



SJCAM SJ7 Star supports microSD cards up to 32GB, selected microSD cards also up to 64 GB. Class 10 (U1) is recommended, U3 for 4K recording for faster response and minimizing the possibility to loose frames or image quality.



SJ7 Star is equipped with a bigger removable battery from SJ4000 and 5000, reaching the 1000 mAh from the 900mAh that was before.

Remote Control:

SJCAM SJ7 Star can be remotely controlled just like SJCAM M20. The remote control is ideal when you put the cam in places you can’t reach with your hand, like the helmet, kayak, outside the car or other places. You can start/stop recording, take a picture, change mode, turn off wifi and even turn off the cam!



Size: 58 x 41 x 20.5mm



SJcam SJ7 Star looks to be a very good effort from SJcam, a really good 4K camera. SJcam SJ7 Star is in preorder in Gearbest till 31st of October. You can preorder it at a much lower price of 177.11$ if you use our coupon code:  GBGONSUMER11.

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