SJRC F11 Review: A 1080P GPS 5G WiFi FPV Foldable Brushless RC Drone (coupon deal)


SJRC F11  RC DRONE is a creative item, which isn’t just normal for 3 remote control ways, and astonishing fuselage with lovely workmanship. Unprecedented control ways—infrared acceptance, water drop remote control and wristwatch control. it equipped with a moved GPS structure to find the robot. Before long you never stress over the robot taking off. The innate top quality camera causes you take quality flying film. In the ” tail me ” mode, this robot will remain above you consequently, keeping the camera concentrated on you dependably and finding all that you may do.

SJRC F11 RC Drone – Three Battery Sale Price: $209.99

SJRC F11 RC Drone – Two Battery Sale Price: $169.99

SJRC F11 RC Drone Price: $139.9


SJRC F11 5G RC Drone includes a foldable arms configuration, taking into account conveying anyplace in a hurry without problem. The SJRC F11 5G RC Drone can be conveyed anyplace whenever as it is foldable so once you are finished utilizing it you can crease it. The SJRC F11 5G RC Drone is a Foldable-ramble with the span of 19.2 x 13 x 8.3cm(the arms collapsed) and 45 x 42.5 x 8.3cm (the arms not collapsed), which enables you to put into your pocket.

The new SJRC F11 5G RC Drone has a Mini and delightful appearance makes the foldable automaton progressively alluring and Looking extraordinary. The structure is special and extremely effective. This makes it simpler, more space-sparing and more secure to transport. Foldable automatons are as of now exceptionally well known, so it isn’t astonishing that an ever increasing number of collapsing rambles are available. The SJRC F11 5G RC Drone has no propeller security on the propeller arms. SJRC F11 5G RC Drone has high-limit 2500mAh savvy battery yields as long as 25 minutes of flight time. Prior to flying, the battery must be charged for 50 minutes.


SJRC F11 5G RC Drone has Advanced 5G WiFi 1080P Upgraded Camera with 120 ° FOV (field of view) focal point offers an all encompassing perspective to record your extraordinary minute. The Wi-Fi 5G transmission ensures excellent continuous video – perfect for a selfie. The implicit separable 1080P camera are tuned incredibly to catch pictures and recordings from the sky. Helped Flight GPS Provides exact situating subtleties of your automaton. Worked in the RTH capacity to fly all the more securely, the automaton will consequently return home absolutely when your battery is powerless or when the flag is frail when flying out of range without stressing over losing the automaton.

SJRC F11 5G RC Drone accompanies Brushless engine which is so peaceful yet exceptionally amazing when running. Burst seldom happens and a motor substitution is infrequently required, which makes your flight increasingly pleasant. Different capacities, for example, headless mode, one key departure/landing, auto return guarantee that even another player can fly it effectively. The automaton will consequently pursue and catch you wherever you move. Keeping it in the casing consistently, simpler to get unpredictable photographs, offers free flight and selfie.

you will break the old method for snapping a picture and locate the new oddity making signals to enlist your excellence (inside the scope of 1-3m) – Orbit mode: The circle mode enables the automaton to fly around a characterized waypoint and make a point to get display and video pictures. Open the automaton application, utilize the flight plan readily available, simply draw a course on the screen, the helicopter will consequently fly as per the given way. Snap the GPS flag symbol multiple times, open the guide interface, the guide demonstrates the last separation of the airplane’s position, longitude, and scope. Elevation Hold and One Key Takeoff and Landing for simple task, simple to control, ideal for apprentices.

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SJRC F11 5G 1080P WiFi FPV RC Drone is a shrewd and ground-breaking RC quadcopter, furnished with a propelled GPS framework. The superior quality camera enables you to take quality aeronautical film. 5G wifi Transmission guarantees precious stone live video transmission. you can easily buy this from Geekbuying price listed below:

SJRC F11 RC Drone – Three Battery Sale Price: $209.99

SJRC F11 RC Drone – Two Battery Sale Price: $169.99

SJRC F11 RC Drone Price: $169.9


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