SJRC F11S Pro 4K Drone With 2-Axis Selling at $259.99


A super product in 2020 of the famous drone manufacturer SJRC, this is the largest drone manufacturer in the mid-range segment. That is the SJRC F11S Pro 4K Drone, also known as the F11 4K Pro. With many strong improvements in camera technology and anti-shake, it promises to be a very hot product and a breakthrough in technology.

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Still maintaining the spirit of the modern and powerful design of the machine, it owns a quite compact chassis, foldable wings for easy and convenient travel, with an ultra-light but an extremely durable plastic shell. Definitely helps to protect the camera assembly and internal components well.

2-Axis Gimbal

With 2-axis anti-vibration gimbal and electronic anti-shake technology EIS into the camera, it helps to smoothly handle all vibration and noise of the captured image. This is definitely the most valuable point in this product improvement and can beat all competitors in the same segment.


The camera with a 100° FOV lens takes the captured images to the next level, giving you a wide panoramic view of your beautiful moments. Built-in 5G wifi data transmission should be stable at a distance of 500m, helping to ensure the quality of images and videos and transmit immediately without delay.


The return home function will be activated when the aircraft loses connection or is about to run out of battery and returns to the original position intact to help you not lose your device when flying.

Flight Stability

The addition of a belly sensor is also an improvement over previous SJRC seniors. This sensor will help the drone keep a better position when flying in tight areas where the GPS signal is unstable.

Intelligent Controller

In this version, the controller with a signal transmission distance of 1200M is equipped with extremely sensitive control keys, giving you complete control of the flight and quick handling of unexpected situations. out.


With a smart battery with integrated charging circuit and battery indicator LED and high capacity 3S 11.1v lipo battery core technology for extremely optimal flight time and up to 25 – 28 minutes of flight time according to the specifications of the house. production, is the longest flight time in the current drone segment, your flying experience will be longer, enjoy a better flying feeling, perhaps without the need to purchase additional backup batteries. If talking about flight time and battery technology in this segment.

Flycam Engine

In this upgraded version, the company also upgraded the engine for this upgraded version. Still using a brushless motor, but this new motor is more powerful, more wind resistant, to help the drone be more stable in the wind, help you experience better and especially keep the rotating frame steady. of brothers.

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Where To Buy

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Buy SJRC F11S 4K Pro on Geekbuying


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