SJRC F11S PRO Review – 2.5K Camera RC Drone at $213.99 From TOMTOP


SJRC F11S PRO Drone is produced by SJRC which is known for making super good products at a very low price. SJRC F11S PRO is a powerful drone with GPS, FPV via WiFi, and a high-resolution 2.5K camera! F11S Pro also comes with powerful Brushless motors that provide lots of power and flight time of up to 26 minutes per. charging!


SJRC F11S PRO GPS Drone stored in a strong EVA case and prevent damage during transportation. The SJRC F11S PRO is completely portable, very easy to transport, thanks to its system of folding arms that allow you to carry it in a backpack without problems. Gone are the larger and bulkier drones, now what it takes are these drones much more manageable so you can put them in a suitcase and take them out on your next trip or adventure. The SJRC F11S PRO Foldable RC Drone itself weighs 565g with dimensions of 345 * 385(Side Length) * 80mm (Unfolded);  192 * 110 * 80mm (Folded). The high-capacity 2500mAh intelligent battery yields up to 26mins flight times. The motor is so quiet but very powerful when running. Breakdown rarely occurs and motor replacement is seldom required, which makes your flight more enjoyable.

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The upgraded camera with a 100° FOV (field of view) lens gives a panoramic view for recording your unforgettable moment. 5G wifi transmission ensures high-quality real-time video, ideals for selfies. Equipped with a 2.5K camera, which captures amazing pictures and videos from the sky, with a stable gimbal, the SJRC F11S PRO GPS Drone records vibration-free footage. Provides you with accurate positioning details of your drone. Built-in Return-to-Home (RTH) function for safer fly, the drone will automatically return to home precisely when its battery is low or the signal is weak when flying out of range, never worrying about losing the drone.

The SJRC F11S PRO GPS Drone will automatically follow and captures you wherever you move. Keeping you in the frame at all times, easier to get complex shots, provides hands-free flying and selfie. User-defined Flight Plan: Open the drone APP, use the flight plan at your fingertips; the copter will auto pilot as per the given path. You will break the old way of taking a photo and find a fresh new thing by making gestures to record your moment. (within the range of 100cm-300cm). Altitude hold and one key takeoff and GPS return home for easier operation, you will not have to worry about orientation and with the simple press of a button, your drone will rise to a height, perfect for beginners.


SJRC F11S PRO 2.5K brushless drone is an intelligent and powerful RC quadcopter, equipped with an advanced GPS system. The camera allows you to take quality aerial footage. With a newly created intelligent battery, you will get flight times up to 26 minutes; giving you a more extensive flight experience! We can buy it from TOMTOP at $213.99 (Inclusive of VAT) and Delivered by Duty-Free Shipping.


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