Slight KIT Review: Unleash the Thinness with 6 Different Colors


There are countless different e-cigarettes accessible these days, and of every last one of those thousands, the best one we’ve any time used is Dopex An e-cigarette is a slender fume cigarette. The extraordinary thing about vaporizers is that the smoke being breathed out isn’t really smoke; it’s nicotine-injected fume which dissipates instantly leaving no terrible scents or buildups afterward. Dope is introducing its newest product called Slight Pod which comes in pocket-sized. its portable Pod which gives you the biggest clouds in a little size. Slight Pod.


Slight Pod arrives in an advanced plan and resembles an item that has a place in this vaping age. is marginally thinner and shorter. The Slightpod feels like a progressively premium item by and large. is more or less simple. You can begin by charging the gadget, despite the fact that it will presumably land with a practically full charge.  Slight Pod is a smaller unit with one sap board that slides down to uncover a 1ml cartridge with replaceable curls and flexible wind current. There are three selectable voltages up to 3.5-4.2V with a maximum yield of 7-12W, and it’s fueled by a 250mAh battery. the product dimension come in H:103mm, W:15mm, L:7mm. Slightpod also has a lightweight of 2.5g which is really cool you can even carry slight pod anywhere you wanted. the material of Slight pod Aluminum Alloy & PCTG. 


it very simple to use all you need to just attachment your case and vape. Slight Pod can pass on essentially more flavor than some other standard unit contraption open today. This gadget is besides draw begun so you should essentially puff on it and the contraption in this way discharge. It comes with the best features including Shaky and Portable. lightweight which allows you to carry anywhere with Only 7 Millimeter in Thickness, 14g in Weight, Furthermore, it has an Intelligently Control Voltage Output Constantly which Ensure Good Flavors as Always, Extremely Restore the Pure Taste. Slight Pod has  Intelligent Cold Boot Pattern, Enjoy a Good Flavors Experience. it is very simple to use you don’t need to No Need to Pull out the Silica Gel Plug, Simple and  Convenient to Refill. it offers more control and adaptability to fill your disposition and nicotine needs with the target that you have a more noteworthy opportunity to pick differed seasons. Our refillable plan engages you to utilize the unit endlessly. Easy To Fill Very essential and accommodating the filling instrument. You essentially need to implant the gush and use a little strain to open the seal to fill.


 Brand Dopex
Name Slight Kit
Size 103*15*7MM
Power Range 7-12W
Battery Capacity 250mAh
Input Voltage 3.5-4.2V
Resistance Range 1.8Ω
Weight 14g
Material Aluminum Alloy & PCTG



Slight Pod comes with 250mAh which is a very basic battery size for this item class. You ought to hope to experience around ¾ of a case before expecting to energize. It doesn’t seem like a lot, however at the rate, the Pod is disintegrating e-fluid, it ought to get you during that time with moderate use.


Slight Pod comes with 6 different colors which give the consumer many choices. The choice is all yours to choose any of them. they are all better and best includes:

  1. Silver
  2. Orange
  3. Green
  4. Red
  5. Dark Gray
  6. Blue

Conclusion and Verdict

Slight Pod is another the best product that comes in an ultra-thin design. there two versions in Slight KIT Normal liquid version, CBD version. Slight Pod will give you better spark and bigger clouds in a compact size. there are also many other different features that grab your attention. for more information visit DOPEX OFFICIALS


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