Smart MI Toilet Machine 2S Released


Smart Mi all-in-one toilet 2S has been released with a pre-sale price of 5,999 yuan and the initial price of 3,299 yuan, almost half price.

It has really no water pressure limit, old district, high floor can be installed. Laser intelligent foot sense clamshell, turns the circle, clamshell, flushing does not bend over and does not dirty hands, but also supports children washing, washing and other five washing and care modes.

Smart MI Toilet Machine 2S has built-in water tank, combined with double pump, double energy storage for water pressure, breaking water pressure limit. It also has a backup battery that can flush even if the power goes out.

A laser probe is installed under the toilet, which can be flipped, looped and flushed with your feet. It does not bend over and does not dirty your hands. It also supports automatic flushing from the seat.

For rinsing, 0.1-second quick heat +AI intelligent temperature control, provides butt washing, woman washing, rotation can adjust the intensity of water flow. It also supports automatic deodorization, 4 block warm air drying, supporting 6 block seat ring heating.

The use of 4 antibacterial scheme, UV UV sterilization rate of 99.99%, can support spray rod self-cleaning, seat ring added silver ion antibacterial material, antibacterial rate more than 99%, remote control also used antibacterial material.

The filter element adopts semi-permeable visual design, the use situation is clear at a glance, supports fast dismantling and changing the core, no need to close the valve, automatic water stop, a twist is changed.


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