Smartisan Jianguo Pro Got 3C Certification Approval


Previously, there are two new smartphones, OD103 and OD105 which have got approval by national Radio emission model, and now there are two mysterious smartphones have appeared in the list of National 3C Quality Certificate Center.

From the sheet, Smartisan two new smartphones has 18W quick charge which are less than Smartisan M series, 24W, so they belong to mid-range smartphones. Besides relative approval and certification information, the designing image of Smartisan new phones is first shown.

According to image, the design is similar to previous rumors, such as sensor is integrated in the receiver, cancelling 3.5mm earphone jack, the home button adopts round design. It is worthwhile to know that the buttons on both sides are not in symmetry, we have no idea if it has ditched the buttons on both sides.

About their specs, currently, we only know that it will be 5.5 inch screen, running Android7.0 OS, RAM 4GB ROM 64GB/128GB two version. As for its name, it is said this smartphone will call Smartisan Jianguo Pro, and it will be released on April 25. Therefore, we will know more details soon, stay tuned.


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