Smartisan Jianguo Pro Package Unveils: Helio X20 and 1,799 yuan, $299


Smartisan has adjusted its new product press conference to May 9 or May 10, according to Luo Yonghao, Smartisan CEO, the days before June all belong to Spring. Besides release date leaked, today a netizen has leaked the specs of Smartisan Jianguo Pro.

According to a user on Weibo, we can see Jianguo Pro package, which will use Helio X20 processor, not Snapdragon 626 processor, it adopts LPDDR3, 5.5 inch FHD screen, built in dual camera, 8MP front and 13MP camera, and its black version package has also been unveiled, which has same specs as the white package. It should have two box inside and outside.

In terms of this kind of price and specs, Smartisan can’t leak its specs on the box, so we can’t confirm this kind of news. But Jianguo Pro will sell at 1,799 yuan, $299 which is very reliable with new design. If Jianguo Pro adopts that kind of specs and price, will you buy it?


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