Smartisan Nut Pro VS Xiaomi MI6 Design, Antutu, Camera, Battery Review


Smartisan Nut Pro is the latest smartphone released several days ago, which is as popular as Xiaomi MI6. So when you face two choices, which one will you choose between Smartisan Nut Pro and Xiaomi MI6. So today we will compare Nut pro with Xiaomi MI6 to let you which one is more worthwhile to try?

Check here: Smartisan Nut Pro VS Xiaomi MI6 Specs  

According to specs comparison, Smartisan Nut Pro and Xiaomi MI6 are different in screen size, processor, storage, camera, OS and price, but they have no big difference in material, dual camera, network frequency. In general, they seem very different.

As for versions, Smartisan Nut pro has three versions, standard version, advanced version and special edition.

Smartisan Nut Pro Standard version: Snapdragon 625 processor,ROM 32GB, 8MP front camera, black color, at 1,499 yuan, $250.
Nut Pro advanced version: Snapdragon 626 processor, ROM 64GB, 16MP front camera, black and red color, at 1,799 yuan, $299.
Smartisan Nut Pro Special version: Snapdragon 626 processor, ROM 128GB, 16MP front camera, black, red, special edition, supporting NFC, at 2,299 yuan, $383.

Xiaomi MI6 also has three versions, including standard edition, advanced edition and ceramic prime version. They all are powered by Snapdragon 835 Octa core processor, RAM 6GB.
Xiaomi MI6 standard version: 64GB ROM, Glass body, at 2,499 yuan, $400
Xiaomi MI6 Advanced version: 128GB ROM, Glass body, at 2,899 yuan, $483
Xiaomi MI6 Prime version: RAOM 128GB, Ceramic body, at 2,999 yuan, $500


In design, Smartisan Nut Pro and Xiaomi MI6 both adopt dual glass and metal mid-frame design, in material, they both are different in size, design style, etc.

Smartisan Nut Pro has larger screen size than Xiaomi MI6, but Xiaomi MI6 is more sleek. Nut Pro has flat glass, under the screen is the metal panel, there is a Home button supporting fingerprint scanner similar to Iphone, but Xiaomi MI6 adopts 2.5D curved glass, there is oval home button with fingerprint scanner.

On the back, Nut Pro adopts dual rear camera, there is a T logo in the middle, upper the logo, it uses flat glass, under the logo, it uses plastic material. but Xiaomi MI6 adopts whole 3D curved glass back cover, looking more beautiful.

In general, Nut Pro and Xiaomi MI6 both adopt glass material on the back. The main difference is that the chin of Nut Pro looks a little special, but Xiaomi MI6 all glass body looks more integrated. As for other aspects, Nut Pro seems thinner, due to curved screen, Xiaomi MI6 has better hold feeling.


Smartisan Nut Pro Anutu


Before introducing performance, we talk about screen first, Nut Pro adopts 5.5 inch 1080P screen, but Xiaomi MI6 has 5.15 inch 1080P screen, the former is a mid-range phone, the latter one is a high-end flagship phone. So in screen quality, Xiaomi MI6 will be more excellent.

Xiaomi MI6 Antutu

In performance, Smartisan Nut Pro is powered by Snapdragon 625/626 Octa core processor, RAM 4GB, according to Antutu software, it has got 66,000 points. Xiaomi MI6 powered by Snapdragon 835 Octa core processor, RAM 6GB, it has got 181,118 points Antutu score.  Therefore, in terms of performance, Nut Pro can not compete with Xiaomi MI6. Besides, Snapdragon 835 processor can meet the needs to play different kinds of large games, but Snapdragon 625,626, mid-range processor can still meet the needs to play popular games and apps, but in large games, it can’t compete with SD835 devices.


Both smartphone adopt dual rear camera, Nut Pro adopts two Sony IMX258 sensor, Xiaomi MI6 uses IMX386 processor and a Samsung long focus lens, due to higher specs of dual camera of Xiaomi MI6, therefore, Xiaomi MI6 has better camera performance than Nut PRO.

Smartisan Nut Pro Outdoor Sample

Smartisan Nut Pro Outdoor Sample

Smartisan Nut Pro Outdoor Sample

Smartisan Nut Pro Outdoor Sample at Close Distance

Smartisan Nut Pro Outdoor Sample at long Distance

Smartisan Nut Pro Outdoor Sample at Close Distance

All are Xiaomi MI6 Camera Samples below


In OS, Xiaomi MIUI OS is more popular with more personalized functions. Smartisan OS has its own advantage, because the desktop of Smartisan OS is better than MIUI OS. Comprehensively, they have their own features in OS.


Smartisan Nut Pro is built in a large battery, but due to MI6 with smaller screen, and its CPU and LPDDR4 have better power consumption, so in battery life, Xiaomi MI6 has more advantage.


According to comprehensive comparison, Smartisan Nut Pro belongs to mid-range popular smartphone, aiming at large screen and beautiful design, photographing, Smartisan OS, etc. But Xiaomi MI6 focuses on small screen, high performance, beauty, camera, etc. In fact, they are not in the same level, The main difference between them is in screen size, mid-range and high-end performance,as for which one is more worthwhile to choose, it depends on your needs, if you want a high-end smartphone, Xiaomi MI6 will be first choice, if you don’t want a high-end smartphone with higher price, Smartisan Nut Pro is waiting for you.

Start(Beijing time) End Items (English) warehouse pro price Coupon Amount
9.30 (19:00) 10.15 Xiaomi Mi 6 64GB China 409.99 MI64GB 100

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