Smartisan Nut R2 Exposure: Snapdragon 855, Full Screen, Screen Fingerprint!


Recently, there have been more and more negative news about Smartisan technology. As the assets of the Smartisan are frozen, everyone is wondering if the Smartisan will stop here and it will be difficult to resurrect. In fact, the Smartisan has experienced many changes, but Lao Luo has successfully pulled the hammer back, and this time we also hope that Lao Luo, I hope it will let the Smartisan stand up again, after all, the desire to acquire Apple Not yet implemented! However, when it comes to Smartisan mobile phone, it has prepared a new nut R2 in the flagship plan of 2019. The Smartisan Nut R2 will continue the positioning of the nut R1, and its design is also very amazing. this time the brand new nut R2 will look like it!

In terms of the design of the new machine, the new nut R2 did not continue the design of the nut R1 but chose a new comprehensive screen design. The front of the new machine adopts Qi Liuhai design, and the front is very close to iPhone X and Meizu 16th. It looks very much like the combination of the two, the new machine has a wider forehead, but the new machine’s chin and the sides of the frame are very good, the front of the machine looks very amazing.

In the back design of the new phone, the nut R2 is still made of glass material body, the back of the fuselage continues to carry the dual-camera design, the back double camera is arranged in horizontal rows, located in the upper left corner of the fuselage, double-shot is the size Eye design, but this time the double shot finally flattened. In the overall design of the new machine, the nut R2 has a bit more business atmosphere, and its appearance is even more amazing.

The Smartisan Nut R2 will use the 2019 flagship processor from Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 processor. The performance of this processor is also very good, it will also be standard on the flagship phone next year. On the new machine’s memory combination, the nut R2 will start with a 6GB+128GB memory combination, the Smartisan Nut R2 will have a maximum of 8GB+256GB version, and the 8GB+1TB version on the nut R1 may become history, but this way The memory combination is definitely enough.

In the new camera, the new Smartisan Nut R2 uses a combination of rear dual camera, a dual camera is 48MP+20MP dual camera supports optical image stabilization, and on the front camera of the new machine The nut R2 uses two 12-megapixel cameras in front, and this configuration is also very powerful. On other configurations of the new machine, the Smartisan Nut R2 will support offline fingerprint recognition and wireless charging.

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In the release time of the Smartisan Nut R2 due to the current situation of the Smartisan, the machine may not be released in the first quarter of the original plan. When it is released, it depends on whether the hammer can really survive this time. In terms of the price of the Smartisan Nut R2, the price of the nut R2 continues the range of the nut R1, and the starting price of the Smartisan Nut R2 will be very attractive. the brand new Smartisan Nut R2 The starting price will be 2,999 yuan ($436.02), such a price is still very advantageous in the current flagship phone, but in the end, we can only wait and see.

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