Smartisan Nut Pro 3 How to Beat the Notch of iPhone X


The important innovation that Apple has added to the iPhone X is the big screen. He immediately catches the eye, because, at first glance, he took all the space from the left to the right edge, but in fact, it turns out that there is a fairly thick frame around the display. In addition, in the upper part of the OLED matrix called Super Retina, there is a notch in which all the sensors are located, including the TrueDepth camera system. It is for this indicator that the apple corporation product surpassed the Smartisan Nut Pro 3.

The cutout at the top of the iPhone X, according to many of its real owners, is the main drawback of the entire phone. Yes, you get used to it very quickly and stop noticing, but you should start watching some video on YouTube or view photos on the whole screen, as its presence begins to really strain. The creators of the smartphone Smartisan Nut Pro 3 went the same way as Apple, that is, they added a cutout to the screen of their phone, but did it much more correctly and interestingly.

There would be far fewer questions for Apple if the cut-out in the iPhone X screen was smaller and more compact. In this case, he would no longer clearly be evident. The creators of the smartphone Smartisan Nut Pro 3 very beautifully beat this feature in your mobile device, making the cut smooth, as if it were a hill. In fact, the cut-out in the screen of this phone has the same height, but at the same time, it looks an order of magnitude steeper and more technological.

Insiders have posted on the Chinese social network Weibo the first image of the Smartisan Nut Pro 3 smartphone, the announcement of which is expected in the next few months. It was on the basis of this snapshot that we managed to understand that this phone exceeded the iPhone X in its most important parameter, the screen. Unfortunately, there is no need to talk about the technical equipment of the Apple product clone, because there is almost no information on this account. Only a few sources attribute the future to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 720 processor.

The main disadvantage of Smartisan devices is that they are sharpened to the Chinese market, although they are superior in other parameters to other flagships from China.

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