Smartisan T3 Expected To Launch In Next Spring (Rumors)


Recent online exposure of several Smartisan technologies will be held on November 7 new conference, conference place in Chengdu. In addition to hammer mobile phone new products, there are rumors of the Smartisan air purifier will debut. Now online exposure of the rumors of the long Smartisan T3, it’s release time is expected to release next spring.

Today, microblogging friends Mocha RQ said in the microblogging, the current  Smartisan at least two mobile phones to be listed before the end of the year there will be a mid-range mobile, guess should be nuts series; next spring there is a stronger mobile phone, Should be the legendary mysterious flagship T3.

It seems that the Smartisan will be held in the upcoming release of the new mobile is no accident is the nuts series, the mobile may use the current popular 18: 9 full-screen design, the mobile maybe $302.59. Smartisan T series has been released for a long time, from Mocha RQ revealed the news point of view, perhaps the T3 really want to launch, if not the T3, will be the Smartisan mobile phone flagship product.

Luo Yonghao had been revealed in the microblogging on the Smartisan T3 news, when the old Luo said that they are painful balance and hold big move if you have to sell very expensive, may simply not sold online. For friends who love Smartisan mobile phone is a heavy message, we will focus on the Smartisan T3 latest news, we are a lot of attention.

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