Smartisan’s New Mobile OS105 Spotted At 3C Certification


The recent rumors of Smartisan technology will have a new mobile to release the argument, and now there is the latest news surfaced. According to the National Quality Certification Center published information, Smartisan technology has been modeled for the Smartisan OS105 new mobile to obtain 3C certification, but with the charger model and nut Pro the same. According to the new mobile code is known as “Austra”, maybe on November 7 in Chengdu, the official release of the Great Rubik’s cube.

New Mobile 3C certification

Prior to the Smartisan technology has not yet released a new mobile OS105 was in early September to obtain a radio launch model approval, and support the whole network functions. And now, this new mobile and at the end of September was 3C certification, the same by the Guangdong Connaught Communications Co., Ltd. OEM production, equipped with the charger model CD101 and nut Pro the same, support QC3.0 standard and 18w power output.

According to the previous model before the release of the new mobile, which means that the Smartisan OS105 and then get the network license will be able to sell in the country, so naturally, means that there will be a new Smartisan Mobile to meet with us quickly. In the previous, there is news that the Smartisan technology will be held the new conference on November 7th in Chengdu,  it is expected that this OS105 may officially debut.

However, there are users that this model is the new Smartisan OS105 may still be nuts series of products, maybe a new name debut, and will carry Snapdragon 660 processor, will be mid-range market models. But in any case, many people expect the Smartisan T3 should not be launched this year, at the same time from the model point of view, there may be mid-range products.

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