SMD 270 LEDs Remote Control Light Strip With 5 Different Lighting Mode Design, Features Review


The SMD 270 LEDs Remote Control Light Strip can be remotely controlled to switch among 5 modes including color fixing, fading, flashing, strobe and flowing. You can cut it by every group of 9 LEDs to shorten the length and you can use it to decorate a room, shop window, KTV or to take as a background light for lightbox or for a computer screen. Choose DIY decoration, choose your own style.


The SMD 270 LEDs Remote Control Light Strip is fabricated from mercury-free Soft FPC board, all thanks to this material as it makes the light strip Eco-friendly, poisonousness free, bright, and anti-corrosive. All strip lights comprise of LED lights which lighten up but the intensity of these lights makes this light strip stand out. It’s neither too high that it might hurt your eyes nor too dim that you can’t see anything. This light strip is quite long, having a length of 5 meters which can illuminate a large area in the home and can be cut by every group of 9 LED and the cutting line is on the belt to show the cutting position. The Xiaomi light strip has a long life of about 30,000hr and is energy efficient (3-12W), all thanks to the LED lights and the RGB circuit.


The Smart Light Strip is flexible, making it easy to cut and bend, and it tends to maintain the new position and doesn’t return to its original position. This is possible because of the soft FPC board used is fabricating it. Another outstanding trait of the Smart Light Strip is its adhesive featuresWith this features, you can easily tear down the tape on the back of the light strip, take the strip anywhere you want to position it, stick it there and plug the charger. That’s why it’s the perfect play and plug strip light. You can enjoy the light in 5 MODE including color fixing, fading, flashing, strobe and flowing. Lastly, the remote control can operate by wireless way within 5m, convenient to change colors and brightness.


The SMD 270 LEDs Remote Control Light Strip like we said earlier stands out in the light strip market due to its noble features. It is currently avaialable on WISH for just $10.00 having a Discount of 43% off.


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