SMOK Nord 50W Kit Review: Comes With 1800mAh Battery


SMOK Nord 50W Kit proceeds with the unrivaled and stable exhibition of the SMOK NORD series. The best Nord among all. let’s review it.

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SMOK Nord 50W Kit


The design is compact. Also, It comes with a measurement of 31* 22.6* 97mm. concerning the Smok Nord 50W Pods, there with two flexible units and various limits, 4ml, and 4.5ml, which work impeccably with the redesigned wind current framework to convey the delightful flavor and enormous fume: one is the Nord case viable with Nord loop series, and the other is the LP2 case viable with the LP2 curl series with upgraded sealed innovation.

Also, The blazing recurrence of the white LED light can show different capacity insurances and reveal to you the situation with the gadget.

SMOK Nord 50W Kit


The air admissions on the two sides can be changed by moving the air switch on the rear of the gadget to accomplish the ideal vaping style with the most smooth flavor. At the point when the fit curl reaches out to the soaked cotton, a great taste with smooth flavor and rich fume emerges unexpectedly. At the point when the loop is embedded into the unit, the uniquely planned base piece of the case can lock the e-fluid and the condensate created during vaping, assisting with encouraging forestall spillage.

SMOK Nord 50W Kit

Also, SMOK Nord 50W accompanies an inner 1800mAh battery that brings you up to 50W of capacity agreeable to you. The Nord 50W Kit comes in two assortments with the most fascinating shading plan. More, It pursue surfaces to flaunt its natural style. Also, It has an 1800mAh implicit battery that brings durable life, the Type-C 1.2A most extreme charge current makes quick charging steady and more proficient! Up to 50 watts of torque can undoubtedly deal with the entirety of your vaping needs, guaranteeing straightforward vaping the entire day.

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SMOK Nord 50W Kit is one of the best and newest vapes. Also, It comes in many different colors. So, what are you waiting for?


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