SMOK Novo 5 Kit Vs SMOK Novo 2C, Comparison Review


The SMOK Novo 5 Kit and SMOK Novo 2C pods are two products offered by Smok, a manufacturer of vaping products. The distinct features and specifications of both devices make it challenging to pick between them. In this comparison overview, we will explore the major differences and similarities between the SMOK Novo 5 Kit and SMOK Novo 2C, giving you the information you need to make a knowledgeable decision on which device meets your vaping needs.


The SMOK Novo 5 Kit is an advanced vaping device that is designed to provide a customizable and convenient vaping experience to users. Made with Zinc-Alloy, the Vape is built to last and withstand regular usage. The magnetic connection system ensures easy installation and removal of the pods.

While, the SMOK Novo 2C Kit is built to last, thanks to its high-quality zinc alloy materials. The use of such materials ensures that the device will withstand regular use and endure over time. In addition, the device features a magnetic connection, which adds convenience to the device’s functionality, making it a reliable and user-friendly tool for everyday use.


With a powerful 900mAh battery, you can enjoy long-lasting vaping sessions without needing to recharge frequently. The 5W-30W power range allows you to adjust the vapor and flavor intensity to your liking. Plus, the compatibility with Novo 5 Meshed 0.7ohm pods gives you access to a variety of flavors and vaping experiences.

SMOK Novo 5 Kit comes equipped with both button-activated and draw-activated firing, allowing users to choose their preferred method of use. Additionally, the top-filling system ensures easy refilling of the e-liquid, while the adjustable airflow allows users to control the amount of vapor produced. The display screen provides vital information such as battery life, wattage, and resistance, making it easy to monitor and adjust the device.

The SMOK Novo 2C Pod Kit features an internal 800mAh battery, capable of delivering power in the range of 5W to 30W. The kit comes with a 0.8ohm Novo 2X Meshed MTL Pod, with a 2ml e-juice capacity and a convenient top filling system. While the draw-activated firing mechanism provides a simple and seamless vaping experience. Furthermore, the SMOK Novo 2C Pod Kit is versatile, as it can be used with Novo, Novo 2, and Novo 2C pods.

The clear e-liquid window allows you to keep an eye on your juice level and it has an LED Indicator Light to keep you in the loop on battery life and performance. The LED Indicator Light provides vital information about the device’s battery life and operational status.


Both Pod Kits offer distinct features and specifications that cater to different vaping needs. The SMOK Novo 5 Kit is a more advanced device that provides customization and convenience with its magnetic connection system, long-lasting battery, and adjustable wattage range.

On the other hand, the SMOK Novo 2C Pod Kit offers versatility and simplicity with its compatibility with different pods and draw-activated firing mechanism. Ultimately, the decision on which device to choose depends on individual vaping preferences and needs.


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