SMOK Pozz X Kit Review: Comes with Pod System Kit 40W 1400mAh



SMOK Pozz X Kit is controlled by a 1400mAh battery which can start up to 40w. Its board is produced using composite material with a four-layer structure, which guarantees that POZZ X is more slender, harder and shinier. Likewise, the Pozz X pack’s principal body frontal is outfitted with a 0.96-inch screen that utilizes the developed textual style to show essential data all the more plainly, for example, wattage, voltage, obstruction, number of puffs and time of each puff. A one-button roundabout fire button at the highest point of the screen streamlines tasks and gives accommodation.

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SMOK Pozz X Kit

SMOK Pozz X Pods

With respect to SMOK Pozz X Pod, it has an enormous e-fluid limit of 4.5ml, guaranteeing a long and unwinding vaping. Open the silicone plug as an afterthought for fluid filling, quick and simple.

SMOK Pozz X Pods

SMOK Pozz X Design

Smok Pozz X Pod Mod Kit positions profoundly for usefulness. To begin, the carbon fiber components referenced above aren’t only for looks; rather, they offer an instinctive hold, controlling your fingers to the expertly set fire button. Also, the Pozz X Pod includes a duck-charged mouthpiece, which is ergonomically made to accommodate your lips easily. Normally, this backing a generally agreeable and calming experience each time you endure a shot.

SMOK Pozz X Design


A last note on the feel of the Smok Pozz X Pod Mod: this is an exceptionally advantageous stage. Remaining at just 3.83 inches tall (97.3 mm) and 1.32 inches wide (33.6 mm), you can fit the Pozz X anyplace you wish. Indeed, even in a minute’s notification, you can conceal this gadget without anybody being the more astute. Truly, you can’t say that regarding knock-off brands that showcase themselves as prudent.



Underlining the all-new Smok Pozz X Pod Mod is a cutting edge chipset that the organization grew explicitly for its line of minimized vaporizers. With it, you’ll experience all the upsides of the computerized group while keeping up the unit mods in disguise profile. For instance, the Pozz consolidates a similarly enormous 0.96-inch advanced presentation, including splendid, striking hues, text styles, and illustrations. Optically, this screen interface is extremely simple on the eyes, even in the midst of the heaviest of tufts.

Too, the chipset underlines different functionalities inside the Smok Pozz Mod, including the large one: variable wattage. Regardless of whether you wish to vape in the underground region at 5W to a singing hot 40W, the Pozz can deal with the whole wattage range without skirting a beat. All the more significantly, you won’t experience any drops in execution or draw consistency regardless of the setting you pick.


Driving the Smok Pozz X Pod Mod is a high-limit 1400 mAh inward battery. Smok engineers spent endless hours increase this vitality source’s yield and effectiveness. Much appreciated in huge part to the sub-smaller suspension of the Pozz, this 1400 mAh battery can last you a few vigorous meetings without requiring an energized. With a cheat current of 2A, recharging your battery is a brisk procedure. Similarly also, not buying outside batteries is tremendous in addition to the financial limit.


SMOK Pozz X Kit Pod Adding to the end-client accommodation is the repository e-fluid limit, evaluated at 4.5ml. That is basically monstrous, matching many independent vape tanks. As a splendid tasteful touch, the case’s repository is translucent, permitting you to measure how a lot of e-juice is staying in the chamber. buy this from vapesourcing.


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