SMOK TFV12 Prince Atomizer Tank Review


An excellent atomizer should not only have good workmanship, outstanding appearance level, but also have a better taste! We all know that atomizers can completely affect the taste of tobacco oil! So choosing a good atomizer is a must for smoky oil players! Today Xiaobian will introduce you a very good atomizer you have tried, called SMOK TFV12 Prince atomizer.

1. Packaging
What zipper got this time is the RBA set of this TFV12 atomizer. There are only two RBA kits in it, and no finished core of up to 350W is attached. Therefore, there is no information of finished atomizer core displayed on the package. But without the finished core how to show the maximum 350W awesome place? So the zipper wanted two finished cores to be tested (and a finished set arrived), to try it out and show how it actually worked.

2. Appearance

The nebulizer comes in nine colors. The zipper is gold (it’s more like plated brass), the main body is stainless steel, the base diameter is 25MM, and the central oil tank is 27mm in diameter. The upper and lower oil tank is 28mm in rhomboid bump, which protects the oil tank from breaking when it is dropped.

With 510 ports removed, the atomizer has a height of 65mm(including the 13mm drip nozzle), which combined with the scary height and tank diameter gives the atomizer a whopping 6ml of tank capacity, which is just about adequate against this monster of smoke.

The main structure of atomizer continues the characteristics of TFV8, which is small at two ends and large in the middle, so that the base part will not exceed the main engine too much, resulting in visual imbalance.

3. Details
The detailed disassembly can be divided into five parts, which are the drip nozzle, the top cover of the nebulizer and the kit connector, the glass bin, the replaceable kit and the kit installation base. The workmanship is very good, and no burrs and too sharp places are found.

The heat insulation drip nozzle of the atomizer is 810 interface, and the inner part is inverted conical cold condensation return structure. However, it should be noted that there is no rubber ring designed in the drip nozzle interface of this atomizer, so it cannot be installed on this atomizer when there is no rubber ring drip nozzle. Those who want to change the drip nozzle need to pay attention.

The way of oil filling port is still the unique rotary open-cover design of TFV series. The advantages of this design are obvious:

① The top cover will not fall off

(2) After oil filling, closing the top cover will not impose too much pressure on the oil tank, and will not produce oil leakage caused by pressure problems.

③ It is very convenient to open and close.

The joint between the flue and the atomizing chamber is made of dome design, which can compress the smoke and improve part of the taste.

There are two RBA kits in total, one is double hair and the other is triple hair.

The double engine kit has a double column and four holes at the bottom of the air intake structure, while the three engine kit has a large air intake in the middle and a six-hole base structure.

There is a bowl-shaped structure inside the base, which can accept part of the condensate and spilt smoke oil (flowing out when watering the core). The specification of the air inlet reaches an exaggerated size of 15.5*3.5MM. The air inlet adjusting ring is not designed with a clip structure, and can rotate indefinitely.

4. Characteristics of RBA kit and finished core
The base structure of the three-hair kit is quite new. Its main body is formed in one time, and three holes are cut at the bottom electrode plate to enter the sleeve (both insulation and wire threading holes), so that the heating wire can connect with the positive electrode of the atomizer circuit, and fix the connection between the positive electrode at the bottom and the negative electrode at the top.

However, the coil installation method of this kit is very different from that of other atomizers. The wire threading hole connecting the positive pole can be straight through to the bottom and cut off. The three positive locking holes are inside the Y-shaped structure of the positive contact, while the three negative locking holes and locking screws are in the middle of the kit, and the bottom is not straight through. In addition, pay attention to the wire diameter of the heating wire, after all, the hole is not large, thicker silk can not accommodate.

The structure of the double-hair kit is a typical bottom intake two-column four-hole structure, the size of the oil guide groove is just right, the use of 3.0 circle diameter will hardly cause oil leakage due to too little cotton, and the operation of silk is very simple, but it also has a problem, the positive electrode column is locked by the bottom ring structure (instead of the positive screw). It is very easy to get the electrode posts out of alignment (see Figure 1). The player needs to fix the electrode posts and lock the positive electrode posts completely.

It’s time to show off SMOK’s “finished core” (originally wanted to ask the manufacturer to send a few cores for testing, but received a set of atomizers (;  ̄ д  ̄)). The three categories are V12-Q4(0.15Ω, 60-190W, 90-160W recommended), V12-X4(0.15Ω, 60-200W, 90-130W recommended), and V12-T12(0.12Ω, 60-350W, 130-200W recommended).

That’s just a handful. SMOK designed six finished cores for the TFV12, though the family’s term for the finished core is a play on words. The T12 is called a 12-coil, which actually has six double-core Clapton coils in the finished core, while the Q4 has a single-shot quadruple coil and the X4 has a double-shot quadruple coil. The smoke and taste effect will be explained in the following test section.

5. Actual measurement
In the test of the original three-hair RBA kit, due to the pure central air intake, the air flow could not completely wrap all the coils (the coils were too wide, in order not to contact each other), so the result showed that the throat-throating sensation was greatly enhanced, and the smoke was medium to high, but there was almost no taste at all, only a trace of the smell of soot could be tasted, and the heating speed of the original coils was slow. It takes a lot of power to push, and heat dissipation is a problem.

After replacing the zipper with common data (the coil width is reduced and can extend towards the center of the air intake), the zipper gets a surprising taste. The data is as follows: Rhino A1 heating wire, 0.6 wire diameter, 3.0 diameter, 6 turns, three rounds, 0.15Ω resistance, pushed to 130W, smoke is warm and gentle, air intake is large but not empty, full and layered taste is good, smoke size is exaggerated, and pushed to 150W without pressure, but slightly decreased in taste, in addition to mention, fuel consumption touching.

In addition to the electrode column problems, the double hair kit is quite good performance, taste and smoke performance are more pleasant, and oil conductivity is also very strong.

But both RBA kits have the same problem, it is very difficult to remove the kit when it needs to be removed, the torque needs to be increased through the electrode column, and the heat conducted by the kit to the atomizer base after burning the wire is very high (note: very high!). When you want to unscrew the atomizer and load it on other equipment, you cannot operate it directly with your hands (long time is likely to cause low temperature burns).

The oil guide hole of the finished core kit should be lower than the position of the oil tank, which can almost suck up the last drop of smoke oil in the tank (there must be a little bit left on the side).

Although the operation experience of the finished atomizing core of T12 can reach 350W(and indeed can be pushed to 350W without paste), the smoke heat is extremely high, which is almost impossible to bear, and the taste of the smoke oil is completely destroyed, and the recommended maximum power of 200W also appears the problem of smoke overheating.

After testing, between 130-140W will have a good taste and smoke effect, the sense of hierarchy is also relatively good, reached a higher level, and then increase the power will make the smoke increase, but the decline in taste is also very obvious. (150W smoke effect in the picture)

Q4 belongs to the smoke type finished core. Driven by the recommended power of 150W, the smoke volume is smaller than T12, but larger than X4. The taste reaches the average level, the sense of hierarchy is slightly poor, and the absorption resistance is low.

X4 is a taste type of finished core. When pushed by the recommended power of 130w, the amount of smoke is small, but the sense of stratification and the reduction degree of smoke oil are very good. The throat feeling of smoke is also significantly improved, and the large oil guide makes it free from the trouble of insufficient oil supply. The performance was excellent.

6. Summary
After the consultation of China e-cigarette Information, the price of the finished core set of TFV12 atomizer is 428 yuan (the preferential price of the official shop will be around 390RMB), and only five finished core sets are available for sale (lacking T6 finished core), and the price of each finished core is 20RMB(regardless of the model). The bad news is that the RBA kit is only available to offline brick-and-mortar stores, but don’t worry too much. The RBA kit will be sold separately online. Just wait for it to come online.

Although the finished core kit of this atomizer can support 350W, its practicality is only within 170W (but it is exaggerated enough). Each finished core kit also has its own advantages and increases the minimum recommended power to more than 90W. It can be said that it is an innovator in the use of finished core power, and the price of finished core kit has also been unified. No longer as usual, the higher the power can be used, the higher the price, for everyone to remove the concern on the price.

SMOK TFV12 Prince atomizer is very good in both appearance and performance. Although it has some shortcomings, it is better than most atomizer products. Non – constant purchase of a atomizer!


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