Snapdragon 660 Antutu Score First Unveils


This year Snapdragon will not only release its flagship processor, Snapdragon 835, but also mid-range even high-end processor, Snapdragon 660. It’s said that Snapdragon 660 will replace Snapdragon 652 and Snapdragon 653, adopting Samsung 14nm processing, integrating eight own Kryo CPU, right now Snapdragon 660 processor antutu score has also been unveiled.

According to a reliable netizen, there is leaked photos about Snapdragon 660 performance score, from the photo, this new rumored Snapdragon 660 smartphone has got 105,576 antutu score, 30,827 points in 3D mark, 35,700 points in UX, 31,982 points in CPU, and 7,067 points in RAM.

From the rank, this engineering smartphone has got the test score similar to Meizu Pro 6 Plus, over 100,000 points, in GPU, Snapdragon 820 processor got 50,000 points, namely, the 3D performance of Snapdragon 660 is 60% of Snapdragon 820. Although it can match Kirn 960, Snapdragon 835 processor, compared with Kirin 950, Helio X20 processor, it has big advantage.

The leaked Snapdragon 660 engineering smartphone right now will have better performance until it has been officially released. Therefore, Snapdragon 660 processor will be the king one of mid-range smartphones.


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