Snapdragon 660 Dual Rear Camera Smartphone Antutu Score Unveils


In the near future, Qualcomm will release mid-range Snapdragon 660 processor, previously, there is a netizen leaking the performance score of Snapdragon 660, it has got 105,576 points in Antutu test. Right now there is real photos about this Snapdragon 660 smartphone unveiled, it can support 2K screen resolution, adopting RAM 4GB ROM 64GB internal storage, running Android7.1.1 OS.

According to the real photos, SDM660 is from Qualcomm engeneering smartphone, Octa core architecture and Adreno 512 GPU, this smartphone has powerful specs, it not only has RAM 6GB ROM 64GB internal storage, but also dual rear camera, according to specs, it should have dual 12MP back camera.

It is said that Snapdragon 660 processor will use 14nm, eight own Kyro CPU, four big 2.2GHz and four small cores 1.9GHz, meanwhile, Snapdragon 660 uses Adreno 512 GPU, supporting dual channel LPDDR4X RAM, UFS 2.1 storage, and X10 LTE.

Previously, there are two rumored new Nokia smartphones under test, it is called Nokia 7 and Nokia 8, powered by Snapdragon 660 processor and enhancing photographing function, and it is said it will be released in the second quarter, so Snapdragon 660 smartphone may come out in June, 2017, stay tuned.


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