Snapdragon 845 Processor is On the Way


Although Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor smartphones have not come more now, according to product line, Qualcomm will have to prepare its next generation processor, Snapdragon 845/840, and Apple A12 processor, is also on the way, according to other media, TSMC plans to product its first 7nm chipset next year, and iPhone 8 processor may still use 10nm processing.

In addition, TSMC 7nm processing will start to do trial production in April, 2017, currently those preordering partners over 30 cooperating with TSMC, half of them plans to build 7nm high performance chipset, Mediatek and Huawei Hisilicon, semiconductor and Nvidia all use 7 nm architecture,

Different from Snapdragon 835 with Samsung 10nm processing, the 7nm processing of TSMC is expected to produce the high end processor of Qualcomm, compared with 10nm processing, TSMC points out that 7 nm has 25% higher performance than 10nm, the power consumption reduces 35%, 95% of most devices can use 7nm and 10nm processing, so the process from 10nm to 7nm is quite fast.

Compared with Intel processing, Samsung and TSMC pursue the processing quite progressively. Currently, in 7nm competition, the competitor of TSMC is only Samsung.


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