Snapdragon 845 Vs. Exynos 9810 Vs. Kirin 970: The Ultimate Comparison of the Best Processors


Next year promises to be very interesting in terms of flagship mobile processor. Soon, smartphones will go to the more efficient Qualcomm, Samsung and Huawei processors. For which of them is it worth spending your money?

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, 970 and Huawei Kirin Exynos 9810 – around these 3 processors in the next year will revolve in the mobile industry and the most efficient Android appliances on board. These producers become the environment associated and stop at the same time, the details most important to you. Three systems, which maybe is not so much in terms of choice, but the specifications and capabilities of each of them can actually make one dizzy. In which processor is worth betting if you are going to buy a flagship in 2018? The answer is not so simple.


A few years ago, Android was able to support 64-bit processors, which was a significant change in terms of not only the actions of smartphones but also other possibilities related to their daily use and use of the application. In fact, most of the design is based on ARM cores, even if they are nothing more than licensed products and sold under a different name – as is the case with Qualcomm and Samsung. Virtually every manufacturer is also trying to make their own improvements in architecture and solutions to stay ahead of the competition. We are talking about the cache memory, the process technology or even the time of each of the cores. So it looks like a Snapdragon 845, Exynos 9810 and the Kirin 970 next to each other? See.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845

Snapdragon 845 processor manufactured in 10-nanometer process technology, LPP FinFET. Onboard includes four main cores Kryo 385 (Cortex-A75) and 4 auxiliaries (Cortex-A55). The first one is treated at a speed of 2.8 GHz, while the rest is slightly slower: at 1.7 GHz. For the Adreno graphics chip, display corresponds American 630 system. Snapdargon 845 is fully compatible with LPDDR4x RAM, which is currently the fastest available in the market.

Exynos 9810

Exynos 9810 processor is very similar to the Snapdragon 845, but it differs some things. Samsung produces its system in the identical 10-nanometer LPP FinFET process technology. It is responsible for displaying the Mali-G72 graphics system, and the speed to provide four Moongoose copyright cores (they still do not know their time) and four Cortex-A53 cores. Exynos 9810 is fully compatible with the fast RAM LPDDR4x. In this case, nothing changes.

Huawei Kirin 970

Kirin 970 separates itself from the competition in terms of process. Huawei’s creation system occurs in the process of FinFET 10 nm, which is a technology older than that used in the two processors described above. To get a performance is not bad. The power to guarantee Kirin 970 four Cortex-A73 clocked at 2.4GHz and four Cortex-A53 clocked at 1.8GHz. Mali graphics display system G71-MP12. Similarly, as competitors, Huawei processor also supports LPDDR4x RAM. At first glance, Kirin 970 ‘on paper’ stands out from Samsung and Qualcomm. But nothing is further from the truth because the Chinese have a trump card up their sleeve, which has a long time. It is artificial intelligence.

The artificial intelligence processors

AI is the future: we know that everyone, like it or not. Smart assistants appear at every step, and manufacturers strive for maximum tasks to automate and optimize our daily use of smartphones. How in this case do you handle 845 Snapdragon, Exynos 9810 and Kirin 970? At first glance, it is the Huawei Kirin 970 has an advantage over the competition. The Chinese have developed their own processor that would be fulfilled in its entirety, machine learning, and he was able to maintain a good co-efficient of efficiency during operation. Huawei was the leader … on time. Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 is to operate in terms of artificial intelligence at 3 times faster than the Kirin 970.Of course, the first tests will have to wait, however, Qualcomm now counts on its solutions.

Unfortunately, the last of the manufacturers, the Samsung did not share any Exynos 9810 detail in the context of artificial intelligence. Koreans have every right to improve their image processing technologies, including learning or Bixby assistant, but so far giants … just silence. Unfortunately hard to answer that the processor of these three is going to be the best in terms of artificial intelligence. It is very possible, and even that each individual system will work differently in this matter proper dosage of energy or more devour our battery. Artificial intelligence is an area that has not lived to see its “gold standard.” For this advance, we will just have to wait.

Multimedia and connectivity

Both Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, Exynos 9810, and Huawei Kirin 970 offer support for Cat LTE 18 connectivity, which means data transfer speeds of 1.2 GB / s – of course depending on the operator and the infrastructure. Each system also supports playback and recording of files in 4K resolution – processors, however, allow small or larger klatkaż. Samsung offers 120 frames of video per second, 60 frames of Qualcomm and Kirin in the classic 970, 30 frames per second. In terms of sound quality also has nothing to complain about. At the moment it is not known exactly what to offer in this matter, Samsung, Qualcomm, and Huawei, however, put on board their smartphones DAC 32 bits 384 kHz.

Which processor to choose?

It is a question that does not have a clear answer.While each of the systems has a very specific and solid power, so only the software and the manufacturer depends on how they decide to take advantage of their features. The native processing power so this, and its actual use in the use of smartphones every day is another. But one thing is certain: 2018 years will be very interesting in terms of flagship smartphones. Probably both Samsung, Huawei and other manufacturers using the Snapdragon 845 will overcome this in order to show us original features and connectivity solutions, taking pictures or fast loading.

So we really have to wait until we can put the utensils with Exynos 9810, Kirin 970 and Snapdragon 845 next to each other. It was then that only apparent advantages and disadvantages of each of the processors become apparent. He himself tempted towards Snapdragon 845. The second Exynos in 9810, and finally Kirin 970 from Huawei. However, the number of people, so many opinions, and needs. We’re sorry, but we’ve reached the point where the benchmarks and synthetic tests are no long answer is that the product is really better.


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