Snapdragon 855vs Snapdragon 845 vs Kirin 980! The Real Performance Of the SD855: Stable


Snapdragon 855 is said to be the largest increase in adjacent intergenerational performance in the flagship SoC of the previous generation. The CPU reached 45% and the GPU was 20%.  

With the lifting of the ban, the various media disclosed the true strength of the Snapdragon 855 based on the Qualcomm development phone.

In contrast to the Opteron 845 (Pixel 3 XL) and Kirin 980 (Glory Magic 2), there is a peer-to-peer comparison of the results based on the three mainstream benchmark software, three times average, the results are shown in the figure.

In addition to PCMark (emphasis on battery), one item is slightly lower than Snapdragon 845, and all other sub-items have the strength to suppress Snapdragon 845 and Kirin 980.

Compared with the Snapdragon 845, the CPU/GPU increase is in line with Qualcomm’s official data, especially in terms of AI performance, reaching 3.69 times.

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Compared with Kirin 980, the biggest advantage is still the GPU, especially the GFxBench ES2.0 1080P Tyrannosaurus off-screen test, reaching 2.42 times of the latter. Even if the Snapdragon 855 does not have a separate NPU unit, the AI ?? runs more than 90%. In addition, although they are based on the A76+A55 architecture, it turns out that Qualcomm’s magical transformation ability has withstood the test.

Three SoC parameter specifications

Of course, it should not be overlooked that the Kirin 980 mobile phone has been listed for sale, and the first sale of the Snapdragon 855 will have to wait until the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT on January 29. Samsung S10, Xiaomi’s mobile phone still needs to wait for several months.

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