Snapdragon 855 GeekBench Running Score Exposure: Single Core Only Kirin 980


A few days ago, the Internet had exposed a new Sony XZ4 Antutu running score, close to 400,000, compared with Snapdragon 845 increased by more than 10%, basically determined to be from the Snapdragon 855.

Now, in the GeekBench database, there is another suspected Snapdragon 855. The device is displayed as (unknown). The processor model has only one suspect code ” msmnile ” – MSM stands for Snapdragon processor, Nile (Nile) ) Perhaps it is the development code of Xiaolong 855.

The frequency detection is 1.78GHz, which also corresponds to 1.80GHz of the four energy-efficient small cores of the Snapdragon 855 (one super core 2.84GHz and three performance cores 2.42GHz).

The results show that the single core 3545, multi-core 11150, compared to the best performance of the Snapdragon 845 increased by about 35%, 22%, compared with the average Snapdragon 845 results can be about 45%, 25% – the former is just In line with Qualcomm’s official claim of 45% improvement, it is also the biggest increase in the history of Snapdragon.

However, compared with the first-generation Huawei Kirin 980, the advantage of the Snapdragon 855 is not obvious, the single core can only lead 5% or so, and the multi-core will be about 10%, but at most 15% (the multi-core running in the Kirin 980 performance mode) The points are obviously improved).v

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In fact, this is also expected. Although the Snapdragon 855 CPU architecture is an independent Kryo 485, it is generally believed that it is based on the ARM A76 public version architecture. Although there is no separate CPU code, the Kirin 980 clearly emphasizes that it is based on the A76 commercial, obviously The magic change, plus the highest frequency of the two is almost the same (2.84GHz VS. 2.60GHz), it is difficult to open the gap, the Snapdragon 855’s lead seems to come from a slightly higher frequency.

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