Snowplus Diamond 6000 Vs Snowplus Pro Comparison Review


Snowplus has a lot of decent vape devices with different body designs like the Snowplus Diamond 6000 and the Snowplus Pro. These vape devices from the vape company are built to deliver the best vaping experience with their embedded features and specifications. In comparison, the Snowplus Diamond 6000 is very different from the Snowplus Pro in terms of design, features, specifications, and price.

The Snowplus Diamond 6000 is one of the vape devices that features a large 12ml e-liquid capacity that is able to deliver up to 6000 satisfying puffs comfortably. In addition, this device is equipped with a mesh coil inside the pod to deliver the best burning and flavor-boost experience with consistent production of natural flavor.

While the Snowplus Pro can be purchased for an affordable price on the company’s official website. There are four ( 4 ) available color options to choose from and they are; Mineral Blue, Classic Black, Midnight Green, Red, and Neon. The Snowplus Pro delivers up to 99%+ flavor integrity with lightning-fast charging and long-lasting battery life. And with the dust-proof and water-resistant design, you get to experience that satisfying throat hit anywhere you go.

Most vapers will appreciate the design of the Diamond 6000 vape device as it comes with an attractive and exceptional design. Your puffs shine with up to seven ( 7 ) colors of flashing LED lights at the base of the device. The frame of the vape device is very transparent and the pod has dimensions of 110 x 26 x 26mm (68 grams). Snowplus Diamond 6000 draws power from its in-built 600mAh battery that can be quickly charged via the USB Type- C charging interface.

Inside the Snowplus Pro, there is a powerful 450mAh battery that delivers optimized performance. In order o quickly charge the onboard battery, the Snowplus Pro adopts a USB Type- C charging interface. This vape pod also has a triple leak solution that offers up to 99% leak-free vaping experience.

Where To Buy:

The Snowplus DIamond 6000 is available for an affordable price tag on the company’s official website. Although, the price od the Snowplus Pro is very different as well.


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