Solution for Xiaomi Heating Problem


Many users reported that sometimes the device is getting heated up while using it. Well, there could be few reasons for that, and we can resolve it easily with few workouts.

What’s the reason cause Xiaomi smartphone become overheating ?
Yeah, there are many reason to detect. But these tips and trick can help you to solve overheating in your phone. Please follow these steps.

Fix Heating Issue in Xiaomi Phones

  • Try to avoid talking to friends or playing games, watching videos while the mobile is charging. Every mobile heats up if we perform any task when it is in charging mode.
  • If you are using mobile data or Wi-Fi and browsing the internet for a longer time then it may possibly cause heating issues in your Xiaomi smartphone.
  • Installing apps that are heavy and consumes lot of RAM can also be one of the reasons that may cause the mobile to heat up. They may also eat up your battery and will result in the fast draining of the battery. If you have enabled Battery Indicator as the percentage, you can notice the fast draining. If you haven’t changed, here is how you can set that. Go to settings > Battery Performance >Power > Click on the gear settings icon on the top right > In the other settings you can find Battery Indicator and select Percentage.
  • The older versions of MIUI got reported containing Media server Bug. You can overcome this bug by updating it to the latest version of MIUI 8. Check for the system updates you may get an update there. Else you can download it manually from here MIUI 8 ROM Download.
  • If you are using a charger other than the one that came with your mobile then do stop using it. The adapter Watts of the charger varies with different brands. This may also be a reason for Xiaomi Redmi heating problem. So avoid using different chargers for your mobile. Use the one that came with your mobile.OK , that is all the tips to overcome and minimize overheating issue in all Xiaomi smartphone.

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