SONICMODELL AR.Wing 900mm Wingspan EPP FPV Fly Wing Fixed Wing Airplane KIT Flash sale @Rcmoment


The SonicModell AR.Wing 900mm Drone FPV Flying Wing Plug & Fly is a great all-around delta R/C wing which can be used as a standard plane or to do first person view flights (FPV) with video recording.

SONICMODELL AR.Wing 900mm Wingspan EPP FPV Fly Wing

SONICMODELL AR. Design features an easy access top lid which is held in place with the same magnet system and two different battery mount configurations are present. Wings are removable with a simple thumb screw and the fiber reinforcement tube give good rigidity to the overall assembly.Black EPP molded wing and fuselage, plus pre-built in carbon fiber spar, durable, light and flexible,Detachable wing and wingtip, portable and easy to take for outdoor fly,Multiple bonus camera mount, To allow for different video camera, the frame comes with different camera mount (lightweight plywood) as well as matching magnetically held nose cones.compatible for all FPV HD camera in the market.Easy to hand launch, super stable flying performance, 10km/h-80km/h flying speed,Wingspan 900mm with high efficiency airfoil, create powerful elevating force,Movable battery slot for better “CG” adjustment,With bump for “CG” mark under the mainwing,With “NACA” Air inlet and outlet for FPV gear cooling,


The user needs to screw the wing tips and attach the wing with the provided thumb screws and fiber tube than fit his own R/C receiver as well as the battery. The CG point is even molded into the bottom of the wing for easy setup.this SonicModell AR.Wing is available on flash sale at rcmoment with the price of $59.99


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