Sony Filed Its FCC Application For A Change In Smartphone Sesign Ahead of MWC 2018


According to a document requested from the FCC – equivalent to Anatel in the United States – Sony would have requested the cancellation of the approval of a new device in the country. The trend is for the smartphone to be its next flagship, and the override may have been motivated by the desire to make some change in the device’s look. The launch forecast was for MWC 2018, which will take place between February 26 and March 1 in Barcelona, Spain.

Documentation indicates design changes in next Sony flagship / Image: Playback
Disclosed by the Xperia Blog, the letter is dated the 7th of this month and refers to a cell phone registered as “FCC ID PY7-00718V”. In it, Sony Mobile declares that the device was not sold or announced in any locality, in addition to explaining that it intends to make changes in the design.

The possibilities for changes go through internal details to functional and aesthetic issues. Among the most likely odds is the use of an 18: 9 aspect ratio screen with no borders, or even the insertion of the headphone jack, something considered to be off the mark’s next top of the line.

But Sony would not be the only manufacturer to resolve to change specifications of its future flagship. LG also made a similar decision in January when its CEO would have ordered to restart the project from scratch for the future G7.

Nevertheless, we can be curious, because the manufacturer promised towards the end of September 2017, an upcoming design change. I would definitely wish Sony a success again. Especially since I am enthusiastic about the workmanship and the mostly very innovative details of the devices. We could expect 3 new devices for the Mobile World Congress: the Sony Xperia XZ2, the Xperia XZ2 Pro, and Xperia XZ2 Compact.

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