Sony finally presented PlayStation 5. What do we know now?


For a long time, we could hear leaked news about PS5, called by a secret name “Prospero”. Each gamer in the world begged Sony to give at least some hints about the new console and to answer a few questions: How will it look like? What are the new features? What are the specifications? Which exclusive games we will see on it? Finally, the Japanese corporation gave up and announced an official presentation in the summer of 2020.

Now we know all the information about PS5, games on it, features, release date, etc. Also, in the article below we will answer a bonus question – will the loudest game of that year be released for PS5? Of course, we are talking of Valorant. We think this is an important question because their fan base raising quickly, pro-teams taking part in competitions. Pro-players have to know their Valorant stats about the agents, weapons, abilities to play better. This statistic helps them to understand which gun is more effective and which skills are more useful. You can check yours as well to improve your skills and become a leader of your team.

According to everything we have just said we can conclude, that Valorant will be released for PS and Xbox. Why? Because the company loves their users, their fans, and they understand how badly people want to play the game. Moreover, the Riot Games itself gave us a hint, that they are not considering such release as a bad idea. We think, that the popularity of that game and desire of fans will make what it takes, to “force” the company to release the game for consoles soon.

The Presentation

On 11 June 2020 Sony presented us with a new generation of PlayStation, DualSense controllers, new headphones, charging dock for DualSense, etc. The console is released in 2 versions – with Blu-ray and Digital Edition. We think it’s obvious that D.E. is a little thinner than the Blu-ray version.

Both PS and controllers designed in a futuristic style covered with two colors – black and white. Pretty minimalistic, isn’t it? DualSense has got a new tactical sensation technology. So, now you can feel the recoil from firing, triggers L2 and R2 got a something familiar to “force touch tech” according to certain gameplay moments. Now, we can conclude, that gaming will become more realistic and exciting. The PS5 coming to stores in winter 2020. The price is still unknown.


Brand-new PS has the next specifications:

  • CPU with 8 cores at 3.5GHz
  • RAM 16Gb
  • Optical drive 4K UHD Blu-ray
  • Internal Storage: 825Gb
  • Blu-ray reader (depends on the version you chose)


Which games were announced for the new generation of PS? Well… let’s start with Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The first part became the loudest release in 2017 and made millions of gamers to fall in love with a new Peter’s story. In 2020, we will see the sequel as the exclusive edition for PS5.

The Last of Us 2 is awaited as well. People want to see the continuation of the best story about the post-apocalyptic world. Pretty soon you will know how Ellie with her friends going to survive in a new cruel world.

Resident Evil: Village is the most waited horror game of 2021. We have heard many rumors of it from beta-testers. A few days ago, the company confirmed some of them:

  • The game will continue the story started in RS7.
  • We will see Chris Redfield.
  • We will play mostly in two new locations: Village and Castle.
  • Villagers are worshiping to mutants, created by G Virus.
  • In the castle part, we will fight against witches and knight-zombies.
  • Most of the game’s plot was taken from the unused sketches for RS4, which should have released many years ago.
  • You won’t have any weapons in the first part of the game. The only way to survive is to hide.

Among other games, that will release already for the 5th generation of console, are Hitman 3, Returnal, GTA V, and much more. As a fact, GTA V was supposed to be an exclusive game for PS4, but suddenly the company changed plans. They optimized the game for PS3 and now announced the same process for PS5


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