Sony Xperia XZ3 Leaks Their First Exposure


Sony has confirmed that it will be hosting its event on the very first day of the IFA Berlin 2018 on August 30 at 1 PM CET with the IFA conference set to go live from August 30. Coincidentally, a UK-based online retailer has listed the upcoming Xperia XZ3 for pre-orders ahead of its official unveiling. It’s thought that Sony is already on the cusp of launching its follow-up to the XZ2 range with the appropriately named XZ3 and XZ3 Premium.

The launch event will be held on August 30th which is the Thursday before the IFA halls open to the public. Much like the XZ2, the XZ3 will likely sport a display with an 18:9 aspect ratio, although it is thought that the new models will feature dual rear cameras, a first for Sony. It’s also believed that the XZ3 phones go under the model numbers H8416 and H8616 with recent benchmarks hinting that they will launch running Android 8.1 out of the box.

The back seems to be curved and thick in the middle, which is similar to the design of the XZ2. On the front side, the screen looks like the XZ2 with an aspect ratio of 18:9, unlike the traditional 16:9 like the Premium. In addition, the top and bottom of the phone are still relatively wide and appear very outdated.

Sony finally ditched its dated Omnibalance design with the launch of the XZ2 range, but the bezels are still overly cumbersome when you compare to other flagship phones that have also moved over to the 18:9 aspect ratio. I would go as far as to say embarrassingly so. I hope that the upcoming XZ3 and XZ3 Premium will sport much slimmer bezels when launched at IFA 2018. Other than the move to a dual rear camera setup, the XZ3 will probably feature the same Snapdragon 845 processor that almost every other 2018 is using.

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The Sony Xperia XZ3 will be equipped with a 1080×2160, and there are reports that it is 1440×2880 display resolution, dual 19MP plus 12MP cameras, 64GB onboard storage, 6GB of RAM, Snapdragon 845 processor, and microSD card slot for memory expansion. The selfie camera is 13MP while battery size is 3240mAh. Qi wireless charging is also supported. The phone will run on Android 8.1 Oreo out of the box.

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