Space betting – is it possible?


Bookmakers have been accepting bets not only on sports events for a long time. They are trying to diversify their line by offering bets on events from the life of show business, cinema, politics, etc.

Bookmakers and space

Among the non-sporting events in bookmakers, betting on space was among the first. In the 1960s, humanity was actively preparing for the conquest of space. Therefore, some bookmakers opened a line for accepting bets on whether a person can visit the moon before 1970. Bets were accepted in the ratio of 1 to 1000.

Bookmakers suffered serious losses when in 1969 Apollo 11 landed on a natural satellite of the Earth. One of the lucky ones was Briton David Threlfall, who put 10 pounds at William Hill for this event. Interestingly, after a while, the bookmakers offered a new bet on whether the American government would admit that the flight turned out to be a fake.

The history of betting on space is quite long, and some players managed to hit the jackpot when almost no one believed in it. Now the bookmakers also have enough offers for bets related to space exploration.

Mars conquest bets

The conquest of Mars has been talked about for decades. Books are written about this and films are made. Bookmakers, of course, cannot bypass this and offer their own betting options. For example, which company will be the first to deliver a person to the red planet?

As you can see, the odds are quite low. And the fact that Elon Musk’s SpaceX will cope with this, 1xBet analysts have little doubt.

In Mostbet türkiye indir, you can also bet that a person will be able to conquer the neighboring planet, but without specifying which organization will do it first. The date is important – 01/01/2025. The odds for this to happen is relatively high – 9.00.

Also, among experienced gamblers, such a rare type of bet as bets on the oil rate is popular.

Satellite bets

More and more countries and companies are launching their satellites into orbit around the Earth. Accordingly, Parimatch offers to guess whether the Starlink project will be able to implement plans for 1,000 active satellites by the end of 2021. The odds for this, too, cannot be called the highest.

Moon, Mercury and other suggestions

Almost every bookmaker offering unsportsmanlike bets has in its range of bets on space. For example, in the Melbet line, you can find bets on the development of the Moon, Mars, Mercury, and even the fact that the Earth will be recognized as flat. As you can see, bookmakers learn from their mistakes and one can only dream of odds of 500.00 or 1000.00.


Space bets do not disappear from the lines of bookmakers, as they have never lost their relevance since the middle of the last century. Previously, bookmaker odds were more tempting, but today it is difficult to find quotes above 25.00-30.00, which is not so bad either.

Do not forget that betting on space is entertainment; you should not consider them as a source of stable income.

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