Specs And Expectations Of Upcoming Top Rating Smartphones In August 2016


Can you easily decide on which smartphone, in the market, is the best? Surely, that is not an easy question for you to answer; not easy for anyone either. Considering the availability of wide range of smartphones, it will take forever and a day zooming in to decide the best of the smart phones. And there are upcoming smartphones coming this year and next to add to the comparison list.


Each of them have their strengths – from large screens and curved edges to a combination of touchscreen and tangible keyboards etc., all of which will make your digital experience a lot more enjoyable. In spite of these facts, some prove better at certain feature than others. Lately, this year, many new handheld devices are launched. Furthermore, some devices will pop up early next year.

Upcoming Smartphones

The upcoming smartphones will add to your comparison list to make the already bulky list even more bulkier. It is wise idea to have some knowledge before-hand in this case. So, let’s take a look at which upcoming smartphone is better for what, and why.

Microsoft Surface Phone


An upcoming smartphone that is yet to be in the market whose release could be delayed well into 2017. However, regardless of when it will reach the UK there is no denying that this smartphone will prove to be of enormous use for those looking for a phone ideal for productivity. According to reports, there will be three models with varying memory capacities. Among them, the largest will offer 512GB and 8GB which though overly excessive will prove excellent for creating business projects and downloading vital studies. What is more, the phone is said to much akin to a tablet than a mobile, coined ‘Phablet’. Like its tablet counterparts the phone is said to have an ultra-thin keyboard via its Touch Cover.

iPhone 7

As usual, latest Apple handset will come in three different varieties, all with varying specs. While this is no surprise, it is said that these sets will have larger screens accompanying their 32GB to 128GB of memory. This means that they will be an ideal phone for gaming. When you spin to win at Betway or catch a new Pokémon with Pokémon Go, the larger your screen the more crisp and vivid your experience will be.


Furthermore, larger the RAM and storage, the more apps your device can hold and run. Screen-size of over 4 inch is most ideal for playing any type of online activity or widget as it does not hinder the appearance of the titles.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus


If Microsoft and Apple are the brands that you wish to avoid, then a device from Android will prove to be most appealing option. Even more if you want a smartphone that captures thorough detail of the image that is captured, Android device will be the best option left. Plenty of mobiles have decent cameras, but only a few can rival the clarity of a professional camera. Exceptionally, Samsung and their latest phones appear to be doing a brilliant job in nearing the gap. While its primary camera has been reduced from that of S6 to 12MP, but the selfie lens is 5MP rather than a much lower resolution. Due to this, it allows for your personal photo collection to be fairly impressive while sharing on social media.


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