Speed Comparison Between the OnePlus 5T and Xiaomi Mi 6, Which is the Best Chinese Mobile?


We have already brought our readers a comparison between OnePlus 5 and Xiaomi Mi 6, in which top-of-the-line third-party devices were also in contention. The victory was from OnePlus, thanks to its superior Ram of 8GB. Now that OnePlus 5T has been released, we can see how these two models, both with Snapdragon 835 and 6GB Ram memory, go hand in hand.

The 1st round is the boot: Both phones look at the speed after boot are similar, but slow down the lens is still Xiaomi Mi 6 to be faster, specify here, Mi 6 MIUI 9 speed upgrade after Comparison.

The 2nd round of download tools on Google Play Store: You can see Oneplus 5T first into the download interface, have been fully loaded with all the download software, this time the Xiaomi Mi 6 is still loaded, of course, the gap is not great.

The 3rd round of open eBay: this time or Oneplus 5T gain the upper hand, fully loaded with all the pictures and text and Mi 6 has just finished loading a UI interface.

The 4th round is to open the Amazon: This gap is obvious, when Oneplus 5T merchandise, this time the Xiaomi Mi 6 is still showing the Amazon Logo, and even the UI interface are not loaded.

The 5th round of Open Super Mario: Although this time Oneplus 5T dominate, the gap is tiny, when Oneplus 5T into the game interface, this time the Xiaomi Mi 6 also immediately enter. This still depends on slow motion and found.

The 6th round is to open the angry bird: This time Xiaomi Mi 6 finally proud, not only faster than Oneplus 5T, and opened the gap is still more obvious.

The 7th round is to open the subway Surfer: This time almost both smartphone at the same time enters the game interface, loading speed is the same.

The 8th turn to open the Grand Theft Auto: same as above, but also enter the game interface, even the slow motion cannot find the gap.

Open the 9th round of Twitter: This time Oneplus 5T once again take advantage of almost no load to enter the interface, but this time the Xiaomi Mi 6 is still in the loading state.

In conclusion, OnePlus 5T wins slightly in various areas and is suitable for those who love a pure Android experience and maybe is fond of modding. So, what do you think of Xiaomi Mi 6 and OnePlus 5T?

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