SQ23 Portable WiFi Mini Camera Review: Full WiFi 1080P Digital Camera with Night Vision For Just $23.99 at TOMTOP (200Pcs only)


SQ23 Portable WiFi Mini Camera is one of the smallest spy hidden camera in the world. It can record video footage in 1080p/30fps, full HD image resolution & 155° super wide angle lens delivers crystal clear video, easy to hide, recording both photos and videos without any attention. It’s the best nanny cam used for home, office, store, car, warehouse etc.

Buy SQ23 Portable WiFi Mini Camera at $23.99


The SQ23 Portable WiFi Mini Camera uses the traditional rectangular shape although it is much smaller in size. This is very portable and can be transported with the tip of a finger. It has dimensions of 2.9 * 2.9 * 3cm / 1.14 * 1.14 * 1.18inch and weighs only 25g / 0.9oz. On one side of this cubic camera contains the power button, the display port, and the mode key. SQ23 Portable WiFi Mini Camera is a super small camera, as you see in the picture that can hold with one finger. This small camera is packed with many functions, so we can say small bit powerful. SQ23 Portable WiFi Mini Camera which can be used as an action camera and with its size, it is perfect for spy camera as well. This tiny device can serve as recorders to record important moments and even protect drivers in some situations. The SQ23 Portable WiFi Mini Camera equipped with IP67 waterproof case to protect the camera against water, sand, and scratches. You could take videos or photos when you diving, supports depth up to 30m (98ft). It will help you to capture every wonderful moment with high definition lens.


SQ23 Portable WiFi Mini Camera Enhanced night vision with 8 pcs IR led lights for a clear display in low light conditions. It decent enough to record what is going on in low light or total darkness. After connecting with your phone via Wi-Fi, you can directly operate the camera in “Sports DV” APP on your cellphone, such as recording videos, taking pictures. Besides, you can download, delete and view files. Carrier free WiFi connection range up to 20 meters and no router required. This camera has a 155 ° angle that provides a wider view. Its night vision capability makes it capture detailed images with high definition at a higher range during the night. The motion detection function of the SQ23 Portable WiFi Mini Camera ensures that the DVR will automatically record the environment (5-10m), thus offering more security, especially for automobiles. It’s hard to believe how the manufacturer stood out so much in a camera of that size. Finally, this SQ23 Portable WiFi Mini Camera comes with a 300mAh battery that can be charged through a PC. It has a battery charging time of 2 to 3 hours, a working time of About 90 minutes and a working voltage of 5V. The battery life seems sufficient for a camera of this magnitude.


This SQ23 Portable WiFi Mini Camera is not just super cool and super stylish as it really allows to make HD videos with audio in a sewing format. Perfect to trap your friends it will make its recordings on a micro SD card that you will be able to read on your PC to send the video proofs by mail, on youtube or the FBI. You can grab it from TOMTOP at $23.99 in Flash Sale  (200Pcs only)

Buy SQ23 Portable WiFi Mini Camera at $23.99


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