Squirrels I8 Air Mouse Keyboard & Travel Bag Packing Cubes Review (Included COupon)


Travel has become more complicated today. Numerous airlines have placed restrictions on the number of luggage pieces a single traveler can check and take aboard a plane, as well as size and weight limitations for each piece of luggage. One innovative solution for packing is using packing cubes to help travelers organize their items while also conserve space. Packing cubes are small, ultra lightweight bags of various shapes and sizes that are the perfect selection for your traveling and packing needs.

A great purchase if you are looking for a small remote control! This model also has a backlight option so you can easily see your keys when using the device in a low lit room. The Squirrels I8 is an ultra slim mini wireless QWERTY keyboard / touchpad device.

Squirrels I8 wireless QWERTY keyboard

Squirrels I8 is designed for PCs and media players and has dedicated buttons for these functions, but uses a common 2.4 GHz wireless with mini USB receiver, so it can also be used for desktop PCs, tablets and laptops.

It shape by gamepad with two upper buttons L and R, Two Directional Pad and a touchpad placed right in the middle. It is comfortable to hold in hand because the inside is thinner edges and because these have a particularly effective anti-slip finish.

Squirrels I8 is completely made of opaque plastic, a little soft to the touch, and this is good because it does not attack the fingerprints. The keyboard is stable even in the center, the frame does not flex or creaks and keys are mostly silent. It gives the idea of being a controller that will last over time, and this is good because its context of use provides for launch on the couch and fall from the table quite frequently.

Cubes Travel Packing Bag

High quality waterproof coating Oxford Cloth Made of high quality water resistant nylon material, fabric feel comfortable, durable. wrapping, wear stereo.Meticulous stitching and beautiful outline. Whether used to left or right, two-way zipper of humanization design, can provide a more intimate experience for you. Three grid storage bags and three plain top storage bags,Washable,dustproof prevent bacterial growth, smell reduction. Organizer Storage Luggage Bags can save your space with your luggage, to maximize the volume. It is a great gift for frequent flyer, casual traveler, camper, hiker or backpacker.


Not only are packing cubes a great investment themselves, they are also a highly effective in helping travelers organize their items and maximize space. Packing cubes avoid lost or damaged items during travel You Can buy From lightinthebox.com at $5.99 free shipping and It is one of the most affordable Squirrels I8 keyboard controllers available that will work on streaming devices, which is why it scored this high in the comparison test. Still, there are better options unless price is your biggest concern you buy from lightinthebox.com at $6.5 you can use this coupon code AM25OFF for Air Mouse Keyboard.


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