[Stock ROM] Elephone S7(4+64GB/3+32GB)_Android 7.1,1_20170517 OTA Download and Install


For Elephone and its users, Elephone S7 is a big breakthrough, whether in its design, performance and price. It can be the best rival of other brands like Xiaomi, Meizu, etc, even it can be the best clone of Galaxy S8 smartphone. It can offer different colors for wide choice. Right now most stores don’t have stock about Elephone S7, but Zapals.com has stock to sell Elephone S7 4G Smartphone 4G+64G at $225.99, which is quite rare situation. So it is big good news for those loving Elephone S7. Whether you own it or not, keep its stock ROM android 7.1.1 OS update here.

We do not find any big bugs in this version now, but we can not make sure if there are any other bugs.
Any bugs, please feedback here immediately.

Optimised system. It runs more smoothly than before.

ROM flashing tutorial:http://bbs.elephone.hk/thread-1037-1-1.html#.VWgkX_RAU-0
Download Link:https://mega.nz/#!Z4AmRRTK!XLyd4O8HaS4B_XVNMdSn5OPX76rXDkOYXVekvn-9lMM (4GB)
https://mega.nz/#!NxohHbwb!rf1fqGBgrF11rS7EpVS11Hb3Ll13_kZrgZ4WUUFotsM (3GB)

Screenshot as follow:




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