Stream Like a Boss: 5 YouTube Hacks You Need to Know


Love watching on YouTube?

Who doesn’t? Over 1.8 billion people use YouTube per month, making it one of the biggest social platforms today.

But did you know you can do more than simply stream videos on your phone or laptop? There are a few YouTube hacks to help you enjoy your viewing even more.

For a better experience using YouTube, check out these tips and tricks.

  1. Keyboard Shortcuts for Easier Navigation

Keyboard shortcuts make it easier to navigate and stream videos without fiddling with the mouse or trackpad. You can find a myriad of shortcut keys to speed up your interaction with the content.

For instance, number keys help with taking you to a different point in the video. To skip to 30% through the video, for example, press 3.

For the pause button, press K. J and L can fast-forward and rewind the video by ten seconds. If you’re looking for a quick mute button, press M.

  1. Watch Google Play Videos via the YouTube App

Cross-platform can be a problem with certain devices. The Nintendo Switch, for example, doesn’t have access to Netflix. Fortunately, you can still watch movies on these devices with the YouTube app.

With the YouTube app installed on your device, sign in using your Google account and head to the Menu and then Purchases. The movies you purchased from Google Play will show up there. This lets you watch movies you purchase or rent elsewhere directly on YouTube.

  1. Creating Custom URLs for Sharing

Thinking of sharing your channel with an easy-to-remember, custom URL?

You have to be a registered YouTube user for more than 30 days, with a profile picture and channel art uploaded. In case you don’t know where to start, here’s some advice on how to find a YouTube banner template.

Go to your YouTube account settings and click Advanced under your name. With the requirements fulfilled, you should see an option to claim a Custom URL. Agree to the terms of service and make sure your name is to your liking before you click the Change URL button.

Now can now create a fitting name for your channel. You won’t be able to change that name once it’s in.

  1. Efficient Searching

For a more efficient way of searching for videos, you need the right keywords and punctuation.

Consider the following YouTube hacks when you search:

  • Add quotation marks when searching for keywords in order.
  • Use plus (+) or minus (-) signs for including and omitting results.
  • Add the keyword “allintitle” in the search box before the keywords. This allows you to get results including all the keywords you searched for in the title.
  1. Save Videos for Future Watching

If you want to watch something but are afraid of losing it in the numerous videos in your feed, put it in your Watch Later playlist.

Look for the clock icon on the thumbnail if you’re using the desktop. Click it and it will add the video into your list.

On the mobile app, you can find the Save button right below the title alongside the like, dislike, share, and download buttons.

Stream Easy with These YouTube Hacks

Using these YouTube Hacks, you can have an easier time watching your favorite videos. Kick back, relax, and happy streaming.

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