Stylish VR 3D Glasses Enjoys Half Price at $5.99


VR headset is quite popular and appears in many styles and brands. Of course, it has also divided into three versions, entry level, intermediate level, and high-end level. But for a new user, we should choose an entry level one to have a try. When we adapt to it, then we can select the other higher end version to compare. Today there is a hot and affordable  3D VR Glasses only at $5.99. We believe it will be enough to improve your first experience virtual reality.


VR is all the Rage but not everyone can afford to drop a thousand dollars to experience this amazing new technology, well don’t worry as you can experience the virtual world for less than $10 with this fantastic VR headset.


Suitable for Smartphones measuring from 4.7 to 6 inches this VR headset can be used with the majority of Android and iOS devices. It comes has a full adjustable T-shaped head strap to ensure a snug fit and thanks to a lightweight deign coupled with soft padding make it comfortable to wear for long periods. So its great for viewing 3D films.


To ensure great viewing for all the pupillary distance can be adjusted from between 60 to 70 mm and the focal depth moves though 18 mm so even those without perfect sight can enjoy 3D viewing with these fantastic VR glasses.


A great entertainment and educational tool letting you explore new worlds form the comfort of your living room these VR glasses are a great way to dip your toe into the world of VR, so go on take the plunge.


These 3D VR Glasses is quite lightweight and adjustable for our smartphones from 4.7inch to 6inches. Right now there are three colors available such as white, blue and yellow at $5.99. So which color do you like most?


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