Super Console X PC Box Review – Win 10 Mini PC For Games at $544.99 From Banggood


The Super Console X Ultimate is equipped with a modern and powerful emulator allowing to run a lot of consoles like the Atari 2600, the Master System, the Game Gear, and the PS1. This Video Game Console has built-in 60,000 retro classic games. If you have other more interesting games, you can download the file online and copy it to the memory card.


The Super Console X PC Box comes in a small size which makes it easy to carry and saves desktop space. It has a dimension of 134 x 144 x 64m with a total weight of 1050grams. The Super Console PC Box integrates a computer and a game console into one. It is equipped with the win10 operating system and a powerful game system. A more powerful configuration makes it run faster and more stable. By freely switching between computers and game systems, our time can be used more efficiently. Being super compact, the Super Console PC Box is VESA mountable. Take out the backplate and screws included, and hook it up on the back of a monitor, you have made yourself an iMac style computer. Believe me, you will appreciate the tidiness without cables around.

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Yes, the 4-core 8-thread Xeon processor is powerful, but is it noisy? No worries, we have tested the full load performance by stressing FPU in the AIDA64 system stability test. Turns out, the CPU cooler is so efficient, keeping CPU temperature below 75 ℃ while being ultra-silent (room temperature at 24 ℃).  The console is convenient and discreet. Equipped with 8GB of Ram memory, Dual-channel DDR 4; the console is powerful, launching games do not require a lot of time to load. Because the fun can’t wait! The Super Console X PC Box integrates a computer and a retrogaming console into one device. It is powered by a dual system and activated 64-bit Windows 10 Pro, and Batocera with pre-loaded retro games.


The Super Console PC Box comes with a 2TB HDD, pre-loading 80+ emulators and 63000+ games including 5300+ 3D games, along with a Betop vibration controller (extra controllers for multiple players can be purchased separately.) With the powerful Xeon processor and Intel HD Graphics, Super Console PC Box runs PSP/PS1/PS2/PS3/SEGA Saturn/WII/WII U/GAMECUBE and many other emulators smoothly.

Super Console PC Box provides a total of 3 storage slots, 2* m.2 and 1* 2.5-inch SATA. Super Console PC Box comes with a 128G SATA m.2 HDD running Windows 10 Pro; a 2TB 2.5 inch HDD running Batocera. An NVME only m.2 slots can use for storage expansion; or even anything booting system, makes this powerful PC Box an ultimate home server, thanks to the two RJ45 Lan ports we’ve put in.


The Super Console X PC Box supports adding another 2TB HDD state drive, so you have more space to add more games you want. we can buy it from Banggood at $544.99 in Flash Sale.


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