SuperD D1-The First Global 2D/3D/VR All-in-One Smartphone Announced at $233


Today SuperD from Shenzhen has released the first all-in-one smartphone, SuperD D1 to support 2D,3D, VR in Beijing to claim SuperD has entered into smartphone industry officially.


SuperD D1 smartphone uses 5.5inch 1080P screen, powered by MT6750T processor, RAM 3GB ROM 32GB, RAM 4GB ROM 64GB two options, running Android6.0 OS, dual camera with 13MP rear and 8MP front camera. It has 3,000mAh battery.


It’s known that SuperD D1 is the first smartphone to put forward all-in-one smartphone. You can switch 2D, 3D, VR three modes freely so that the consumers can experience the 3D and real VR world that the traditional smartphones don’t have. Due to the special naked 3D cylindrical grating LCD screen by SuperD, it can let users experience the real 3D and VR world without wearing 3D glasses. Adding VR technology, VR chipset, specialized VR platform and customized VR headset, it can provide the completed virtual reality solution from inner to outside. SuperD innovative technology has added a SuperD VR sports visual chip based on the original GPU of traditional smartphones, improving 3D or VR rendering speed, and integrating 3D and VR operation, solving perfectly for the slow calculus of the complicated images, reducing delay to the maximum, showing clear and accurate images or videos. Its camera has broken the technology that current smartphones uses dual camera, SuperD D1 uses dual front camera, one of which is used for image taking, the other for capturing people’s eyes.It can customize and generate the reasonable visual images compatible with human’s eyes according to your eye placement and PD(Pupil Distance). Whether you move right or left, or forward or backward, we can enjoy the comfortable and clear 3D visual experience.


As for its price, SuperD D1 RAM 3GB ROM 32GB sells at 1199 yuan, $199, RAM 4GB ROM 64GB at 1399 yuan, $233 and it will start to preorder in JD and SuperD official store on September 12, then starts to sell officially on September 22.


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