Supretro Game Console Review – 3.5-Inch Display Android Handheld Console For Just $99.99 at Gearbest


Supretro Android Handheld Game Console that looks like Nintendo’s classic GameBoy, but has hardware powerful enough to play NES, Genesis, and even Playstation 1 games. Supretro Android Handheld Game Console is a “play on-go” handheld. With its small size, it is easy to put into your pocket and play anywhere you go.

Buy Supretro Android Handheld Game Console from Gearbest


Supretro Android Handheld Game Console is a stunning looking device, it has a large 3.5″ IPS display, a durable analog stick, 6 buttons, a circular d-pad, and your standard ports. Even though some people dislike the d-pad we are actually liking it, this makes it stand out from the crowd plus for some games, it’s actually easier to use. The unit has a 3.5″ 640 × 480 display and is powered by the 4X CORTEX – A7 1.3GHz, apparently with 512MB of RAM.

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Supretro Android Handheld Game Console comes With the large internal storage, the console built-in 2300 exciting puzzle casual games take you back to the fun of childhood. And support 128GB memory expansion, you can download games as many as you want. The Super Retro Handheld runs on a heavily modified version of Android. It runs a custom launcher designed originally for browsing and launching arcade games, but capable of supporting many other systems too. This model sports 6 face buttons, a strange-looking circular d-pad and an analog stick, as well as Home, Start and Select buttons. There aren’t any shoulder buttons on this device as its primary use is for arcade games. Come with a rechargeable 4000mAh Li-ion battery and a USB cable for plug and play. This kind of humanized design will eliminate many troubles. Keep playing for 8 hours! Bluetooth 4.0 connection, the console can be connected to both Bluetooth handle and speaker. Supports WiFi download (over 10000 games have been uploaded) to constantly update your game library.


Kids can enjoy the new Supretro Android Handheld Game Console and parents can also play with children on the TV screen through the digital device, which can bring the good memory back to their funny childhood! We can buy it from Gearbest at $99.99 in Pre-Sale

Buy Supretro Android Handheld Game Console from Gearbest


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