Surface Laptop 3 Exposure: With AMD Chip, Big Changes


The history of Microsoft’s hardware products can be said to be both brilliant and fiasco. Zune and Windows Phone have all been “old”, and Xbox and Surface have become the “lucky” to survive. From the perspective of Microsoft’s financial report, the performance of the Surface can even be said to be quite eye-catching.

However, Surface products have always had a regret, that is, never got involved in AMD’s hardware. From the latest news, the “Surwintel” alliance may have to be partially “disintegrated.”

Former neowin senior editor Brad Sams has published a new book, Beneath a Surface, which details the history of the Surface product and also discloses some product plans, including the new Surface Laptop built on the AMD platform. However, whether it is using AMD Ryzen processor or A card or even 3A platform, there is no more detailed information.

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The new Surface Laptop, like the “Surface Pro 7” (codenamed Carmel), will be completely redesigned in appearance and is expected to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2019 (previously, Mary Jo said that it will be late next year). It is not difficult to speculate that the USB-C interface missing on Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2 will have a great probability.

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